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01-03-06, 19:15
We are searching for descendants of the following people, who emigrated to West Duluth, Minnesota (probably Magellan Street?):

Ingrid Lucia Granlund, born Aug 2nd 1901.

Oskar Evert Granlund, born March 29th 1903 in Finland.

Arthur Granlund, born about 1906 in America.

Ruth Granlund, born about 1908 in America.

Their parents were from Pedersöre, Finland

Anna Amanda Granlund (maiden name Bjorn) born Dec 26th 1869 in Forsby.

Anders Gustafsson Granlund born Oct 5th 1869 in Kållby, died April 6th 1918 in America, married April 14th 1900

William Dahlin
02-03-06, 01:02
Found the following:

1920 Census Duluth, Minnesota

Amanda Granlund
age 49
b. Finland

Lucile dau
age 18
b. Minn
Wrapper - Retail Store

Oscar son
age 16
b. Minn
Passing Riverts - Strip Guards

Arthur son
age 12
b. Minn
News Boy - Street

Ruth dau
age 9
b. Minnesota

William Dahlin
02-03-06, 01:09
1930 Census Los Angeles, California

Amanda Granlund
age 60
usa 1894

Earl O son
Age 26
b. Minn
Salesman - Christmas Decorations

Arthur son
age 23
Bookkeeper - Title Co.

John B. Morris son-in-law
b. California
Laborer Gas Station

Lucille I Morris dau
age 27
b. Minnesota
Order Clerk Advertising

Albert Lowther son-in-law
age 22
b. Colorado
Laborer - textile

Ruth E. dau
age 20
b. Minn

William Dahlin
02-03-06, 01:11
Death Record

Arthur R. Granlund
Born: 4 Mar 1907
Died: 16 Sep 1960
Mothers maiden name - Matson

World War II Records

Arthur R. Granlund
b. 1907
b. Minn
Enlistment date 16 May 1942
4 yrs High School
Divorced, no dependents

02-03-06, 08:50
Hello from Sandsund!

This information about the marriage of Anders Granlund and Anna Amanda Björn was new to me, but surely right. I suppose that you have more information about this couple. Anders had at least three siblings but I don't know anything more about them than their birthdates.

Anders Granlund's father Gustaf Mattsson Timonen-Granlund also had other children from a previous marriage. These children are ancestors to the Granlund families in Dalabäck.

Anna Amanda Björn also had a previous marriage with Johan Viktor Jansson from Pedersöre due to my records, but there were no children in this marriage.

I know that this wasn't what you were asking about, but if this information completes your database you can call me directly. You can find my phone number in the local "telefonkatalog".

I am going to follow what kind of information this forum will give about your couple.

Christian Dahlin

02-03-06, 11:18
At MN Historical Society website birth index http://people.mnhs.org/bci/

Granlund, Arthur Rudolph
Date of Birth: 03/04/1907
County of Birth: St. Louis
certid# 1907-41844
Mother Maiden Name: Matson

Granlund, Ruth Ellen
Date of Birth: 02/23/1910
County of Birth: St. Louis
certid# 1910-33407
Mother Maiden Name: Grandlund

At MN Historical Society website death index
http://people.mnhs.org/dci/ GRANLUND, ANDREW county of death is listed as ST. LOUIS, MN.

CA Death Index locates the death dates for Anna and all her children.
GRANLUND, Anna Amanda b.26 Dec 1869 d. 27 Dec 1944 Los Angeles (19) age 75 yrs
MORRIS, Lucille Granlund b. 19 Aug 1901 d. 28 Aug 1947 Los Angeles (19) age 46 yrs mmn Mattson father Granlund *note Place of birth listed as Minnesota
GRANLUND Earl b. 29 Mar 1903 d. 29 Nov 1941 Los Angeles (19) age 38 yrs mmn Mattson f. Granlund *note Place of birth listed as Minnesota
GRANLUND Arthur R. b. 04 Mar 1907 d.16 Sep 1960 age 53 yrs
mmn Matson f. not listed *note Place of birth listed as Michigan
AUGHEY Ruth Ellen b. 22 Feb 1910 Mn d.10 Nov 1984 Los Angeles (19) age 74 yrs mmn Mattson father Granlund
This may be Ruths second husband if Albert Lowther (listed on 1930 census)was her first
AUGHEY Cecil Richard b.06 Jun 1899 IOWA d. 21 Jun 1982 LOS ANGELES(19) age 83 yrs mmn BUTLER f. not listed


26-03-06, 12:06
Dear Friends

Thanks for all information about Anna Amanda & Anders (Andrew) Granlund's family !

We would also like to have information about their grandchildren and get contact with them.

News about Ruth Ellen & Cecil Richard Aughey, both died probably in Santa Monica, (Los Angeles, California).

Best Wishes