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Clyde D Peterso
19-03-06, 23:46
I am searching for the parents and other family members of Charles Frans, born 28 February 1870 in Molpe, Korsnäs. He emigrated to America in 1888 or 1889. He also had two brothers emigrated to America, I do not know exactly when but may have been at the same time.
One of the family information pages states that the name Carl Johnson was changed to Charles Frans. I do not know when. (Prabably in Finland or in America shortly after he emigrates)
Charles works as a lumberman in Michigan, USA and his two brothers work as fishermen in Michigan, USA.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Best Regards,
Clyde D Peterson

20-03-06, 03:00

Hi Clyde and welcome from another yooper to sfhs,
I typed in Franz at the url above. I tried Frans and found two entries.
Perhaps somebody there fits you? I was hoping to find some names closer to 1850 but...
Perhaps somebody in Finland can take this a lot further. Do you have the parents names?
Chuck Maki
formerly of Marquette County

20-03-06, 04:52
1920 US Federal Census
Manistique, Ward 4, Schoolcraft, Michigan
Frans, Charles
Age 50
Birth year: 1870
Married, owns home
Year of immigration 1888
Able to read and write
Born in Finland
Occupation: Laborer in Lumber Woods

Frans, Hilda: Wife
Age 41
Immigrated: 1897? (hard to read)

Frans, Carl Son Age 22 single Bookkeeper in Lumber Camp
Frans, Ina Daughter 20 single
Frans, Oliver? Son Age 17 single Laborer in Lumber Woods
Frans, Gladys Daughter Age 12
Frans, Elma Daughter Age 10
Frans, Harold Son Age 4 -5/12
Frans, Ruth Daughter Age 1- 6/12

Found on Ancestry.com


20-03-06, 05:02
New York Passenger Lists

Carl Frans
Age 19
Arrival Date: June 17, 1889 Port of N.Y.
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Place of Origin: Scandinavian
Ship Name: Celtic
Line 7
Microfilm Serial Number : M237
Microfilm Roll: 534
List Number: 795


20-03-06, 05:20
World War 1 Draft Registration Card September 12, 1918

Carl August Frans
742 Garden Manistique, Schoolcraft, Michigan
Age: 19
Birthdate: May 5, 1899
Present Occupation: Railroad
Employer Name: Charcoal/Iron Co.
Father: Charlie Frans
Height: Tall
Build: Medium
Eyecolor: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
I'll see what else I can find. What were Charles Frans brother's names?

20-03-06, 05:44
1930 U.S. Federal Census taken April 14, 1930
Manistique, Schoolcraft, Michigan
They lived on the same street (Arbutus Avenue) as in the 1920 Census

Frans, Chas. Head : owned home $2500.
Age: 60 yrs. old
Cutter/ Lumbering

Frans, Alver (Son) 27 yrs. old Cutter/Lumbering
Frans, Ida (Daughter-in-law) 24 yrs. old
Frans, Ruth (Daughter) 11 yrs. old
Frans, Eileen (Daughter) 8 yrs. old
Crimmer, William (Son-in-law) 38 yrs. old Decorator/ Building
Crimmer, Ina (Daughter) 30 yrs. old
Crimmer, Alice (granddaughter) 7 yrs. old
Crimmer, William Jr. (grandson) 1- 4/12 yr. old


20-03-06, 13:08
Institute of Migration Passenger Information

Johannes Frans
Destination: Manistique
Age: 17
Port of Depart: Hanko
Price of ticket: FIM302
Ship from Finland: Arcturus
Depart Finland: 01.02.1905
Ship from England: St. Louis
Depart England: 11.02.1905
Ocean Line: American Line
List and page: 35/82

This may be a brother of Charles.

20-03-06, 14:06
Ellis Island

Johannes Frans
Arrived: Feb. 18, 1905
Age: 17
Single Male Laborer
Ship of Travel: St. Louis
Port of Depature: Southampton
Place of birth: Kornas
Destination: Father, John Frans, Manistique, Michigan

John Frans may be a brother to Charles Frans, and Johannes is his son.


William Dahlin
20-03-06, 14:57
1910 Census Schoolcraft Tompson Twp Michigan

Charles Frans
Age 37 = b. 1873
Born Finland

Hannah wife
Age 40 = b. 187Born Finland

Hilda dau
Age 13 b. Mich b. 1897

Hannah dau
Age 12 born Mich. b. 1898

Charles son
Age 10 born Mich b. 1900

20-03-06, 16:35
1930 Census Ancestry.com
Manistique, Schoolcraft, Michigan

Frans, Issac
own home $800.
Age: 52
Married at 33 yrs. of age
Immigrated: 1897
Occupation: Laborer Paper Mill

Frans, Hanah (Wife)
Age: 46
Married at 26 yrs. of age
Immigrated: 1909

Frans, Hilge (Son)
Age: 16

Frans, August (Son)
Age: 15

Frans, Harry (Son)
Age: 14

Frans, Stella (Daughter)
Age: 10

Frans, John (BROTHER)
Age: 65
Age at first marriage 22
Immigrated 1887
Occupation: Laborer Lumber Woods
This is probably Charles Frans brothers, Issac and John.


26-03-06, 17:42
Clyd D Peterson
Parents of Karl Johansson Frans born 28 febr 1870:
Crofter (son-in-law) Johan Jacobsson Bro b. 11 febr. 1824 in Solf and and farmers daughter Beata Eriksdotter (-daughter) Maars b. 2 nov 1831 in Korsnäs, Molpe.
I will send you a private message too
Christina Nordback