View Full Version : Destiny of Holtinkoski Karl Josef, year 1898

A Helena
20-03-06, 17:00

My father, soon 88 years old, is anxious to know the destiny of his grandfather:

Holtinkoski Karl Josef (Carl, nickname Kaarlo), b. on the 30th of
Dec., 1872 in Oulujoki (=Oulu river), Sanginjoki (=Sangi river)

Riksarkivet/Kansallisarkisto (www.narc.fi), parish of Oulu:
Certificate to Amer. on the 19th of April, 1898, death on the 2nd
of Dec., 1898

So my grandmother, also Helena, became half an orphan at the age of four.

Institute of Migration/Migrationsinstitutet: Passport N: 97 for 5
years to Amer. The passenger lists of years 1897-1898 are missing. The last name was misspelled as Hollinkoski (which doesn´t exist: www.vaestorekisterikeskus.fi) on the passport list, but recently has been corrected on my request.

Church records, passenger lists, cause of death would mean us
a lot, please.

Thanking You in advance,