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June Pelo
25-03-06, 00:04
I have been asked to help locate any records in Sweden or passenger records coming from Sweden to Canada for Edward William Svenson Lundquist, b. Oct 24, 1890 in Osby, Sweden, d. June 23, 1967 in Chapleau, Canada, coming to Canada in 1914, and his younger brother Ernest Svenson Lundquist, b.
1893-1896.The brothers applied for work with the Canadian Pacific Railway and Ernest Lundquist was hired but the company policy at that time
prohibited members of the same family to be employed. So Edward used the surname Svenson and got hired, later changing the spelling to Swanson.
According to Edward Swanson's obituary in 1967, he had a brother Jack (possibly Ernest?) living in North Bay, Ontario, Canada and a sister in Osby, Sweden.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Ingemar Ekman
25-03-06, 22:30
Hi June,
According to the CD “Swedish Population 1890” (end of 1890) a possible family is:
Lundqvist, Sven, dragon, f. 1866 i Osby (Kristianstads län, Skåne) Gift man, far i familjen, Gussa Svenstorp Osby
Hustru: Johnsd:r, Sissa f. 1864 i Osby, Gift kvinna, mor i familjen, Gussa Svenstorp Osby
Son: Edvard Wilh. f. 1840 i Osby, Ogift man, barn i familjen, Gussa Svenstorp Osby
My comment: The birth year for the son must be incorrect. Gussa Svenstorp is a farm about 6 km east of Osby church.
I will check tomorrow the scanned communion book for Osby (www.genline.se) and I hope it could be the correct family, because the father’s first name is also Sven.
On the CD Emigranten I found among other Svensson from Osby:
Lundkvist Ernst Th, 19 years old from Osby emigrated 30 March 1916 from Malmö to White River

Ingemar Ekman
26-03-06, 15:42
It seems to be the correct family. The scanned birth records stops at 1863 so we need to trust to the communion book (husförhörslängd) that stops 1891. hfl 1886-1890 (1891) page 218 (GID 1453.47.25100) for Gussa Svenstorp:
Dragon Sven Lundqvist b 17/8 1866 i Ö Kalhult or Ö Kulhult (Osby)
married 23/3 1890 to Sissi Johnsdotter b 19/6 1864 Ekeröd (Osby)
son Edvard Vilhelm b 24/10 1890 in Ekeröd
The whole family has moved 1890 from Ekeröd to Gussa Svenstorp 1890 after their son's birth.

I checked then the hfl 1861-1865 page 281 (GID1453.11.65200) for Ekeröd and found Sissi's family
Father John Petersson b 20/1 1830 in Ekeröd ( he died 16/2 1887 acc to hfl 1886-1890) and
mother Bengta Olsdotter b 3/6 1826 in Brunkelstorp (Osby) Their children:
Olof b 2/12 1857, Ingrid b 13/3 1861 ( she moved to Denmark acc to hfl 1886-1890) and Sissi b 19/6 1864
I tried to find Svens family in Ö Kalhult (or Ö Kulhult) 1866 -1870 but I have not yet found them.
Osby has both the villages Östra Kalhult and Östra Kulhult so I need to check more careful.
The number people lived in Osby 31/12 1874: 2117 men and 2360 women.

June, Please let me know if you want any print-outs from the church records and I can do that and send them by airmail. //Ingemar

June Pelo
26-03-06, 18:58
Thank you, Ingemar. I'll let you know about the copies.


Ingemar Ekman
26-03-06, 21:26
The hfl 1871-1875 page 131 for Östra Kulhult, Osby (GID # 1453.41.23600) has information about Sven Lundqvist b 17/8 1866.
The father’s name was also Sven Lundqvist born 1 Feb 1831 in Örkened Kristianstads län
and his wife Kersti Andersdotter b 16/3 1833 in Jo Svenstorp (Osby) and their children
Ingrid b 15/11 1855, Anders b 9/9 1858, Pernilla? b 1/11 1860, Nils b 25/4 1863, Sven b 17/8 1866, Fredrika b 18/7 1869, Johan b 25/5 1873 . The whole family moved 1874 to Jeppa Svenstorp Osby (page 198). I will check the scanned birth records for the children b1855-1863 if the parents’ name correspond without any re-marriages.
I noticed that Anders had a son Ernst Andersson Lundqvist born 1887 emigrated to America and he is 1st cousin to Edvard Wilhelm born 25/10 1890,
Örkened is a parish close to Blekinge border.
// Ingemar

20-07-13, 18:14
Good Morning from Canada: My maiden name is Lundquist (spelled Lundqvist) in Sweden. My Grandfather was Anton (Jack) Lundkvist (he spelled it different, and my father changed in to Lundquist) and he and his brother Ernie (Ernest) both lived in White River, Ontario and of course I knew my grandfather well, and Ernie not as well. Edward their brother lived in Chapleau, Ontario (where I was born) and died there as well. I would be pleased to help you with whatever information I could.
Jack was married to Edith Willoughan of White River, and I recall my Grandmother talking about Grandpa's sister - Annie - in Sweden but I was young and it wasn't particularly important to me then. Now it is!
Any help I can give I would be delighted to provide.

June Pelo
21-07-13, 16:25
I'm away from home and don't remember who asked for this info. originally. I'll have to wait until I return home to see if I can find who sent me this query. Thanks for your mail.

23-08-13, 15:00
Hello again June....I did send you a reply some time ago, and did receive a return response indicating you were 'away' but would get back to me once you located 'who' was searching for information on the Lundquist, Svenson,Swanson family who immigrated to Canada. One of the Lundquist (Lundqvist) family boys was my grandfather. Of course I might have information that might be helpful to you in your search, as I had indicated in a previous reply. I shall leave it to your discretion if you require any additional information.

June Pelo
23-08-13, 15:36

I've been searching for the source of that query, but can't find anything. It was 7 years ago, and I probably have cleaned out my pending file since then. I have an old query about a Lundquist from Finland, but names and dates don't match, so there's probably no connection. I'm sorry that I can't come up with something, but I do appreciate your offer. Maybe something will crop up in the future... you never know. :)