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25-03-06, 11:45

is anyone familiar with these people:

Johan Jacob Cederberg, f. 14.7.1858 Kronoby, d. 4.12.1890 Östra Tessjö Storby Strömfors
Hustr: Eva Lisa Liikanen, f. 30.5.1859 Iitti

is Johan Jacob somehow related to this person:

Henrik Jacobsson Cederberg, 17.11.1836 Kronoby, Hoppsala, Klubb torphus



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25-03-06, 18:52
First of all, I am listening to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo from 2005 :)

I suppose they did not emigrate to America.
I will check out your website. I went and truly enough, both are in Finnish. I remember reading a magazine in which it was suggested that if a world language was to be necessary, it should be Finnish.
I suppose those guys at Suomen Silta had based that on polling? :)


25-03-06, 21:00
Sorry that I didnt mention this: these people were NOT emigrants. I just thought that there are so many "finlanders" researching Kronoby that at least one is familiar with them :p

btw, I am trying to translate some of my websites in English but it will take some time.....hmmm.....


25-03-06, 21:22
Now I am listening to Charta 77s version of the Swedish national anthem. It rocks and it's in Swedish too.

For Kronoby there is nobody who knows more than Hasse Antbacka of this forum.
Hmm, did I spell his name correctly? Probably it's the music making my fingers go crazy :)


Hasse Andtbacka
26-03-06, 22:48
Hello Juha,
The closest Johan Jakob Johansson I found is born 14.7.1858 on Kronlund, Kronoby.
Father: torpare Johan Jacobsson Storbacka, b. 24.5.1828 in Purmo
Mother: Anna Ericsdr Spikbacka/Kronlund, b. 13.10.1839 in Kronoby.

Utflyttad 9.11.1877:
drängen Johan Jakob Johansson Kronlund till Gamla Carleby.

The Cederberg name is taken later, doesn't show up in the Kronoby books.

There is no closer relation to Henrik Jacobsson Biskop, born 17.11.1836. His parents are Jacob Isaksson Abbors b. 26.5.1794 in Lepplax, Pedersöre and Maria Andersdr Biskop b. 27.1.1801 in Kronoby. Also Henrik took the name Cederberg later on.

Hasse Andtbacka

27-03-06, 06:43
Thanks Hasse,

Actually Henrik Cederberg (b. 1836) is my grandmother's grandfather so I do know his history but I was not aware about this other guy

case closed!