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26-03-06, 23:02
Hi Everyone,

My grandfather, Frans Ivar Wiklund spent 10 years in the United States from the years 1909 to 1911. He was born in Kurrika Finland on May 26, 1884 but was living in Tojby, Korsnas when he immigrated. I have a post card sent to him in Kalkaska , Michigan in 1911 where he was logging. I would like to know where in the USA he spent the ten years he was away from his family.
I haven't been able to find him on the Ellis Island records, any suggestions?.

27-03-06, 04:30

WW1 Draft Registration Card
Taken Sept. 12, 1918

Frans Ivar Wiklund
City: Not stated
County: Missaukee
State: Michigan
Birthdate: 26 April 1885
Race: White
Roll 1675817
Draftboard: 0
Laborer- Mitchell Bros. Co.
Nearest relative: Chastener? Nylund (very hard to read)
Medium build
Blue eyes
Sandy haircolor

Boston Passenger List

Wiklund, Frans
19 yrs. old
Estimated birth year: 1887
Departed: Liverpool, England August 21, 1906
Ship: Ivernia
Arrived: August 30, 1906 Boston, Massachusetts
Going to cousin, Kalle Makela- Box 287 Glasport, PA.
Microfilm Roll # 97

Hopefully this helps.

Art Fors
27-03-06, 05:31
World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Name: Frans Ivar Wiklund
Address: Jennings, Missaukee County, Michigan
Age: 33
Date of Birth: April 26 1885
Race: White
Alien: Declared
Citizen: Finland
Occupation: Laborer
Employer's Name: Mitchell Bros Co.
Nearest Relative Name: Christine Wiklund
Address: Tojby, Kornas, ???
Height: Tall
Build: Medium
Color of Eyes: Blue
Color of Hair: Sandy
Date of Registration: 12 Sept 1918

(see attached image below)

27-03-06, 05:48
Thanks Denise, I believe the draft card is my grandfathers, His Birthday is close even though it is a month and a year out.
His physical description is correct and perhaps his nearest relative reads Nestor , his brother 's first name, don't recognize Nyland though
Have you any idea what kind of business Mitchell Bros would be and where is Missaukee? Do you know if it is in the same area as
Kalkaska, Michigan where he was in 1911?
Would he have been eligible for draft if he wasn't a American citizen?
Being a Canadian living in the Pacific Northwest, I know little of Michigan and the US draft.
I don't believe the other Ivar Wiklund that you found is the same man, I know that from church records and my mother's memory that my grandfather went to the USA in 1909 when she was one year old.
Would my grandfather be listed on any of the census?

Thanks again

27-03-06, 05:54
Thanks Art for the copy of the draft info.
Yes, that is my grandfather for sure!
Nearest Relative listed is my grandmother, Kristina Wiklund, who lived in Tojby, Korsnas. Finland.
That is a wonderful find.

Thanks you for taking a copy for me.

Art Fors
27-03-06, 06:31
Hello Dorothy,

The Mitchell Brothers Lumber Company was the largest lumber mill in Missaukee County. Click on the link below to find out more.