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June Pelo
08-04-06, 22:47
I'm still trying to help someone find information about Hudding. The name seems to come from Stockholm. The two names we're searching for are:

Gustav Hudding (US census, 1920 in Louisiana)
Stina Hudding (passenger record New York 1820-1850)

Would appreciate it if someone could find something about them.



09-04-06, 18:30
These is from the CD Sveriges Befolkning 1890.

Hudding, Anna Cristina 1848
Hudding, Anna Margreta 1812
Hudding, Anna Margreta 1861
Hudding, Carl Alfred 1846
Hudding, Gustafva Laurentia1831
Hudding, Hilma Charlotta 1864
Hudding, Wendla Olivia 1871

Henrik Mangs

June Pelo
09-04-06, 23:02
Thank you, Henrik. I'll pass the data on.


Ingemar Ekman
12-04-06, 17:48
The index to “Stockholm Population Register 1800 – 1870” (mantalsböcker) has Stina Hudding, year 1800, in the district “Maria Inre” doc.number 410 . Will be easy to take a photo next time I will be in “Stockholms Stadsarkiv”

I checked than the CDs for Stockholm, covering 1870 – 1926: ( The districts Söder, Klara, Gamla Stan, Kungsholmen ) but none Gustav or Stina except for one Anna Christina born 21 Nov 1848 in Ekerö, Stockholm´s province and she is listed as unmarried , She moved in 1878 and she was still their 1926. The CDs listing about 10 Hudding but none with correct first name.
I checked also CDs "Emibas" "Emigranten" and the burial records for Stockholm but none Hudding (some Huddin)

In the index of Estate of inventories for Uppsala län I found Hedvig Eva Hudding (wife) 1839 at Länna masugn, Almunge, Her relative is stated as masmästare Johan Ström.

June Pelo
12-04-06, 17:59
Thanks, Ingemar. I'll send the info. on.


01-06-06, 00:13
Hello, I was searching on the internet what 'hudding' means, so I got here . I'm from Holland and my last name is 'van den Hudding' (means: from the Hudding). After a lot of research me and my family found out how we got the name, it was de name of a farm, but we don't know what Hudding means. Maybe you could help us?

Gita Wiklund
01-06-06, 18:19
Hi Hudding!

there is a place near to Stockholm called Huddinge. Perhaps if they came from Sweden it could derive from there?
It is believed that the name of the area Huddinge derives from "Uddungarna" that translate to something like "the people that live at the cape"