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June Pelo
26-04-06, 21:06
I have another request for help from someone in Finland. He's looking for information on Zacharias Luhtainen, b. November 12, 1872 in Kauhajoki, Finland. He went to America 1898. Passenger records from Ellis Island say that he
arrived at Ellis Island May 06, 1898 and was going to his cousin in Greenberg, PA. Same report says that his last place of residence in Finland was Övermark. He was married in Finland to Beata Lisa, maiden name Styris. Sakarias Luhtainen had a traveling companion named Andrian Gröndahl, age 30, from Övermark, going to his brother-in-law in Greenberg, PA. I couldn't decipher the names of the people they were meeting in Greenberg.

Beata Lisa Luhtainen, maiden name Styris, b. February 2, 1874 in Malax, Finland.

Sakarias and Beata had a daughter Hulda Selina Luhtainen, b. February 27, 1898 in Övermark, Finland. The date of departure from Finland
for Beata and Hulda was May 25, 1901. I didn't find Beata nor Hulda in Ellis Island records. There was only one Luhtainen and that was Sacharias and family members in Finland said he was going to Newberry, MI.

Would appreciate any information about these people. Family members in Finland would like to locate a living relative.