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June Pelo
08-05-06, 20:23
I'm looking for the parents of Johan Johansson Nygård-Smedjebacka, b. 24 Dec 1861, Terjärv. He was married to Hulda Sofia Andersdotter Viitavesi. According to HisKi the parents were Johan Mattsson Smedjebacka and Lovisa Johansdotter. But I can't find a Johan Mattsson Smedjebacka b. before 1840 in Terjärv. HisKi doesn't carry marriage records for the time period, so I'm not having much luck. Does anyone have the correct names of parents and their birthdates? I didn't find them in Talko.


Art Fors
09-05-06, 18:04
Hello June,

The parents of Johan Johansson Nygård-Smedjebacka should be:

Johannes Mattsson Smedjebacka-Ravall, born 20-03-1836 in Terjärv married 06-08-1857 in Terjärv Anna Lovisa Johansdr Smedjebacka Lytts, born 23-05-1831 in Terjärv.

Släkten Lasses i Terjärv lists only 2 children:

Anna Greta Johansdr Svartsjö Smedjebacka, born 08-02-1858 and Matts Johansson Smedjebacka, born 19-02-1860.

HisKi lists the following children:

- Anna Greta, born 08-02-1858
- Matts, born 19-02-1860
- Johan, born 24-12-1861
- Sofia, born 10-05-1866
- Maria, born 31-10-1869

Two other children died at birth or were miscarried (11-02-1864 and 06-07-1864)


Jaska Sarell
09-05-06, 18:12
Hi June,

Lassas database in Talko seems to have the marriage of Johan Johansson Ravald and Hulda Sofia Andersdr Viitavesi.
Name confusion :confused:

:) Jaska

June Pelo
09-05-06, 21:00
Art, I have lots of Smedjebacka names, but someone I don't have that one!

Jaska, I think the name probably was Ravald because I have lots of Ravald names from Terjärv.

Thanks to both of you. Now I can dig further.

June ;)

Art Fors
09-05-06, 21:17
Hello June,

Here are the ancestors of Johan Johansson Smedjebacka.

Ancestors of Johan Johansson Smedjebacka

1. Johan Johansson Smedjebacka b. 24-12-1861, Smedjebacka, Terjärv, Finland.


2. Johannes Mattsson Smedjebacka-Ravall b. 20-03-1836, i Terjärv, m. (1) 06-08-1857, in Terjärv, Anna Lovisa Johansdr Smedjebacka Lytts, b. 23-05-1831, i Terjärv, m. (2) 30-12-1887, in Terjärv, Lisa Greta Eriksdr Smedjebacka Backman, b. 12-04-1853, i Terjärv, d. 01-03-1913.

3. Anna Lovisa Johansdr Smedjebacka Lytts b. 23-05-1831, i Terjärv.

Grand Parents

4. Matts Gustafsson Ravall b. 30-08-1788, i Terjärv, m. (1) 17-06-1829, in Terjärv, Margareta Simonsdr Ravall Krokfors, b. 19-09-1805, i Kronoby, m. (2) 13-07-1847, in i Terjärv, Anna Brita Andersdr Ravald Lytts, b. 27-08-1814, i Terjärv. Matts died 12-01-1849.

5. Margareta Simonsdr Ravall Krokfors b. 19-09-1805, i Kronoby.

Great Grand Parents

8. Gustaf Andersson Ravall-Hästbacka b. 03-09-1741, i Terjärv, m. 14-10-1762, in Terjärv, Maria Andersdr Ravall Timmerbacka, b. 14-03-1745, i Terjärv, d. 17-11-1808. Gustaf died 27-10-1817.

9. Maria Andersdr Ravall Timmerbacka b. 14-03-1745, i Terjärv, d. 17-11-1808.

10. Simon Eriksson Krokfors-Storbjörk b. 14-08-1770, i Kronoby, m. 17-11-1800, in Kronoby, Margareta Johansdr Krokfors Abbors, b. 13-04-1774, i Kronoby, d. 19-03-1809, i barnsäng. Simon died 08-05-1850, i Munsala.

11. Margareta Johansdr Krokfors Abbors b. 13-04-1774, i Kronoby, d. 19-03-1809, i barnsäng.

Great Great Grand Parents

16. Anders Persson Hästbacka b. 11-1684, i Terjärv, m. (1) 11-12-1702, in Terjärv, Maria Carlsd Hästbacka Döfnäs, b. C:A 1680, d. 28-10-1733, m. (2) Carin Andersdr Hästbacka Kortjärvi, b. ??-03-1696, Terjärv, Finland, d. 29-03-1777. Anders died 25-04-1758.

17. Carin Andersdr Hästbacka Kortjärvi b. ??-03-1696, Terjärv, Finland, d. 29-03-1777.

3rd Great Grand Parents

32. Per Andersson Hästbacka b. C:A 1650, i Terjärv, m. NN Larsdr Hästbacka, b. C:A 1640. Per died 13-07-1698.

33. NN Larsdr Hästbacka b. C:A 1640.

34. Anders Larsson Kortjärvi b. C:A 1656, i Terjärv, m. 11-04-1686, in Vetil, Maria Gabrielsdr Kortjärvi Torp, b. 16-10-1661, i Vetil, d. 30-01-1752, i Terjärv. Anders died 1695, Terjärv, Finland, buried: 06-05-1695, Terjärv, Finland.

35. Maria Gabrielsdr Kortjärvi Torp b. 16-10-1661, i Vetil, m. (1) 11-04-1686, in Vetil, Anders Larsson Kortjärvi, b. C:A 1656, i Terjärv, d. 1695, Terjärv, Finland, buried: 06-05-1695, Terjärv, Finland, m. (2) 1696, Mickel Sigfridsson Kortjärvi-Skytte, b. 1670. Maria died 30-01-1752, i Terjärv.

4th Great Grand Parents

68. Lars Andersson Kortjärvi-Lillrank b. 1633, m. (1) C:A 1650, Sara Danielsdr, b. C:A 1630, d. 30-04-1706, m. (2) 03-11-1707, in Terjärv, Valborg Andersdr. Lars died 16-11-1712.

69. Sara Danielsdr b. C:A 1630, d. 30-04-1706.

70. Gabriel Olofsson Torp b. 1609, m. (1) hustru Larsdr g. Torp, b. i Terjärv, d. 1665, Vetil, Finland, m. (2) Carin Mattsdr Virkkala, b. 1622, Kaustby, Finland, d. 13-06-1697, Vetil, Finland. Gabriel died 25-03-1697, Vetil, Finland.

71. hustru Larsdr g. Torp b. i Terjärv, d. 1665, Vetil, Finland.

5th Great Grand Parents

136. Anders Jönsson Lillrank b. 23-04-1614, i Terjärv, m. Carin Andersdr, b. C:A 1610. Anders died 25-02-1701.

137. Carin Andersdr b. C:A 1610.

140. Olof Olofsson Lillkaino-Caino- Torp b. abt. 1570.

142. Lars Olofsson b. Terjärv, Finland.

6th Great Grand Parents

272. Jöns Andersson Rapp Lillrank b. 1569, m. Karen Olofsdotter.

273. Karen Olofsdotter

7th Great Grand Parents

544. Anders Persson Rank b. 1520.

8th Great Grand Parents

1088. Per Andersson Rank b. 1500.


June Pelo
09-05-06, 21:39
Wow, Art, thanks for doing my work for me! I find that I already have most of them in my database, but lacked the connecting links.

When Hasse Andtbacka gets back I'll ask him about Ravald and Ravall because I have many people with both those names and I'd like to be sure I have the correct spelling.

June :)