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09-05-06, 21:09
The following address in Helsinki is from a relative's address book and it is possibly 20-25 years old.

Jorma Rosti
Ruusulankatu 20
00250 Helsinki 25

Would someone be so kind as to look in a Helsinki directory to see if this address is still current? If not, could you please check for a current listing for Jorma Rosti. He would probably be close to 60 years old and is possibly the only living relative in Finland that we know of.

Thank you - Wilma

Jaska Sarell
09-05-06, 22:09
Checked Eniro directory.
Exact name matches only in Laukaa and Saarijärvi.
In Helsinki: P and J Rosti, but without detailed address.

But some people do tend to have their details unlisted :confused:

:) Jaska

09-05-06, 22:34
Thank you, Jaska. Was there any contact info (email, address, or phone #) with the Jorma Rosti's in the Eniro directory? Is this directory by any chance online?
I would like to contact Jorma to connect with family in Finland.

Thank you - Wilma.

Jaska Sarell
09-05-06, 22:53
Hi Wilma,

The Eniro directory is online, but usage needs registration which is available only to those having Finnish mobile phone number :mad:
Another available online directory isn't free as far as I know.

I'll send you the found ones in PM.

:) Jaska

09-05-06, 23:03
Thanks again.
My email address is: klyne (at) shaw.ca


10-05-06, 21:14
Thanks to Jaska - I have found the family I was looking for. - Wilma