View Full Version : Swedish Bacon pancake - Ugnspannkaka

June Pelo
06-10-03, 19:17
Someone gave me this recipe and it sounds good.

1 c. flour
1 tbs sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs, slightly beaten
2 c. milk
1/2 lb. bacon
Lingonberry preserves

Combine first 3 ingredients; set aside. Blend eggs and milk. Gradually add this mixture to the dry ingredients, stirring until blended. Set aside for 1 hour. Grease a 7x11x2 baking dish.
Dice and pan broil the bacon; add to the batter and stir. Pour into the baking dish. Bake at 400 40-45 min. until browned. Cut into squares and serve with Lingonberry preserves. Serves 6.