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jonnee Kohler
25-05-06, 18:56
My grandfather, John Ivar Lampsa was also known as Juho Ivaari Lamsa. He was born FInland in 1880s I have his death certificate in 1943. He was a railroad brakeman, a good job at that time.
He was married to Ida Sormunen. Ida Sormunen was listed as Ida Charlemagne, corrected to Sormunen, on my father's birth certificate. He was her only child.
She was remarried later in life to John Luoto, and buried as Ida Luoto in Crystal Lake cemetary under Lampsa headstone, in Minneapolis.

She had sisters in Minneapolis area, Mary Sormunen Ruut, and Katie Sormunen ????.
Mary's daughter Lydia Ruut Carlson told me before she died that Mary worked as a cook for the Russians in Finland and the village was the most eastern in Finland. Lydia Ruut married Elmer Carlson, and moved to a farm in Cokato, MN buried there. The farm they lived on is a hundred-year Finnish farm (same family for 100 years.)
They lived next door to one another in Minneapolis in the 1920 census. It was very helpful for Ms. Norwillo to note that the transcription is incorrect, for John I. Lamsa is transcribed as John J. Samsa, or variously as Lanosa.
My father, born 1916, was born John Henry Lampsa, but called Hank all his life. He died 1966 in California.

Karen Norwillo
25-05-06, 19:08
I have Lämsä ancestors in my family tree, but only three that I have very minimal information about. Hannu Hannunpoika Lämsä, 1640, was a 6th great grandfather, his son Iisak Hannunpoika , 1698,was a 5th great grandfather. If you have access to Talko it is posted. Most of the Lämsä names were from Kuolajärvi, now Salla, or Kuusamo.

25-05-06, 23:21
I have both Lämsä and Sormunen people in my database.

Most of my Lämsäs are from Säräisniemi (belongs to Vaala parish nowadays - only 50 years old parish!). Some are from Utajärvi - these are neighbour parishes. You can find Säräisniemi village people also from Paltamo parish via Hiski

From the database of Finnish Institute of Migration

Lämsä Juho Iivari, born 19.09.1886, passport to America.
I don't have payed the fee to be able to see more information about this record.

My Sormunens (or Sormulas) are from Utajärvi.

For example Jaakko Sormunen. Born 7.2.1881 Utajärvi, Niska village, Sormula house. Jaakko went to America to earn some dollars. He came back home and had a car with him. It was the first car ever in Niska village :)



Karen Norwillo
25-05-06, 23:22
I found Ida Sormunen, 19, in the passenger lists on Migration Institute. She left Finland 11 Dec 1907 to Fitchburg, MA. I also found a Katri Sormunen, 24, leaving 28 Nov 1906 to Boston.
On Ancestry.com, Ida Sormunen, 19, single, arrived at Boston 21 Dec 1907 on SS Cymric, destination Fitchburg. Nearest relative in Finland, father Heikki Sormunen, looks like Ylomantsi, Kivilahti.

jonnee Kohler
26-05-06, 11:11
4:30 am
I am excited and happy connecting with others who remember their names. thank you all.
Ilomantsi was Sormunen origin. I will get the pictures I have of folks in Finland who may or may not be from Ilomantsi..no labels on these photos from Mary Sormunen's granddaughter.
I have not worked out the marriage location for Juho Ivari Lamsa (aka John Ivar Lampsa) and Ida Sormunen Lampsa. I thought she came in 1907-8 on Cymric, but our records show her as Ida Sormunen then.
Fitchburg MA is a possibility. I went to a Finnfest 2002, when I was first starting my immersion in my Finnish line. I sat by accident with Older ladies from Fitchburg who told me that growing up in the Finnish neighborhood in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, "old Mrs. Lampsa was well educated and traveled and a community focus." I have no idea which Mrs Lampsa they were speaking of. I thought a cousin of my grandfather's?

I have a painted large photo that is a wedding photo.
There was a document I saw once in my childhood but it was not found in my parents effects.
I knew Ida when I was small. I loved to look at her hands. She never spoke English and called me Yonnie. No stories from her, but she was affectionate.
In 1963, just before her death, and (her son my father's,) we traveled to Minnesota and visited with her in Minneapolis and visited the Elmer Carlson (Pirttiluoma??) farm in Cokato, MN. I was at Finnfest Minneapolis and went on a bus tour of Cokato's finnish farms when we passed the farm I had seen as a kid. My husband thought I was nuts. (all farms have a barn, silo, what's so recognizable? etc etc) . I was right. (one of those supreme moments in life.)


Karen Norwillo
26-05-06, 18:32
I rechecked Ancestry.com for more info. Ida left Liverpool on the 21 Dec 1907 date I gave you. She actually arrived in Boston on 1 Jan 1908. What a way to start a new year. Looks like she would have celebrated Christmas enroute. She was going to her sister Katri at 7 Academy St in Fitchburg.

I also found a Jaakko Haaraoja, 28, single, laborer, from Rolajoki or Kalajoki, father, same name, in Finland. Was in US before 1904-1908, arriving Boston Cymric 15 Mar 1909, going to friend Katri Sormunen, 389 Main St. Fitchburg.

1910 Census, Fitchburg, Worcester, MA

Sormunen, Katie, lodger, 28, single, Finn, US 1906, spinner in woolen mill.
Migration Institute shows passport for Juhi Iivari Lämsä twice. First time 25 Sep 1907, second time 21 Feb 1913. Birth date 19 Sep 1886 from Säräisniemi.
Passenger list shows he left Liverpool 03 Sep 1907 on Corsican for Minneapolis. He left Liverpool 06 Mar 1913 on Carpathia for Fitchburg. Under remarks first trip says Oulu.