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Lois Willand
20-06-06, 20:24
I'm a new member to your group and am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. My grandmother was a Forsman, born 1871, who came to the U.S. in 1889, settled first in Michigan, then Minnesota. We know little about her background in Finland. Her father is said to be Mats Nilson Forsman, her mother Katharina Thomasson, b. 1838. I have information that says her siblings Matts,b. 1861, Jacob b. 1866, Elias, b. 1873, Hannah,b. 1877 or 1878, and Andrew, b.____,were born in Jeppo or Vasa, but no proof. I'm starting to do on-line research about the names we've been given who were part of her family. I'm looking forward to getting more information on her parents and siblings in Finland. I'd be delighted to find living family members who are interested in this genealogy.

June Pelo
21-06-06, 01:12
Welcome to Finlander, Lois. I took a quick glance in HisKi and Talko but didn't find any of the names you're looking for. I tried both Jeppo and Vasa, and then tried all the parishes of Finland but didn't find any of them. Many of the parish records online end ca 1850, so it's possible some of the data isn't online yet.


21-06-06, 07:10
I scanned the Talko material and there might be a match here:

Kajsa Thomas. Forss
Birth 4 FEB 1838 Forss Jeppo [1]
Father Thomas Jakobs. Forss, b. 13 JUN 1810, Forss Jeppo
Mother Anna Anders. Jungar, b. 5 SEP 1811, Jungar Jeppo

Family 1 Matts Nils. Fors, b. 4 FEB 1838, Forss Jeppo
Married 25 FEB 1859 Forss Jeppo [2]

Putte Bäck here on Finlander had this information in Talko - link to Talko record (http://www.finlander.eget.net/angraf/getperson.php?personID=I297&tree=putte1) (needs access rights)

There are more information on Kajsa's ancestry but nothing more on Matts Nilson in Talko. Perhaps Putte has more on Matts? Since there are Laggar people in Kajsa's ancestry members Arne Nylund and Roy Lager might have something also.

Lois Willand
21-06-06, 17:35
Thank you so much to June and to Hasse for checking the records. Please tell me where I can learn about Talko and HisKi so I can understand the terms and formats. Lois

Margareta L
21-06-06, 20:05
Here some children of Matts and Cajsa Forsman.

Table 1
I Matts Nilsson Forss, b. 3.4.1835 Jeppo, Jungar by, Ruotsala.
Spouse: Married 25.2.1859 Jeppo, Jungar Katarina (döpt Caisa) Thomasdotter Forss- Forsman, b. 4.2.1838 Jeppo, Jungar by, Fors. She was widow when she moved to Vasa 20.8.88. She emigrated 29.9.1898 (passport date) to Amerika.
Matts Mattsson Forsman e. Forss, b. 19.12.1861 Jeppo Fors. To table 2.
Anders Mattsson Forss, b. 14.3.1864 Jeppo Fors.
Johannes Mattsson Forss, b. 20.6.1866 Jeppo Fors.
Jakob Mattsson Forss, b. 17.1.1869 Jeppo Fors.
Elias Mattsson Forsman, b. 17.12.1873 Jeppo. Moved to Vasa 8.4.1890.
Anna Johanna Mattsdotter Forsman, b. 4.10.1877 Jeppo. Certif. to Amerika 17.2.1896, passport date 6.3.1896.

Table 2 (from table 1)
II Matts Mattsson Forsman e. Forss, Son in law on Kamppinen, b. 19.12.1861 Jeppo Fors. Emigrated to Amerika 1906.
Spouse: Maria Greta Andersdotter Kamppinen, b. 4.8.1864 Jeppo.
Ida Johanna Mattsdotter Forsman, b. 2.10.1884 Överjeppo, Kamppinen.
Matts Joel Mattsson Forsman, b. 8.5.1886 Överjeppo, Kamppinen. Emigration year 1903, to Amerika.
Selma Maria Mattsdotter Forsman, b. 27.3.1891 Överjeppo, Kamppinen.
Anders Mattsson Forsman, b. 1906 Jeppo.
Maria emigrated to Am. 16.7.1909 with children Selma and Anders.

Lois Willand
21-06-06, 20:26
I can hardly believe that you folks have come up with this Forsman information! Family members here who have tried to get this information in the past have said it couldn't be found, but now here it is! I am so happy and grateful!

Margareta, could you please tell me the name of the source of your information? I should note it in my records.

Also, I do not see a birth entry for my grandmother Katherine Forsman, born May 12, 1871. If you are able to, I would appreciate it if you could check for her birth record. I was told there was also an Andrew born to Matts and Cajsa Forsman, their last child. If you found his records I would again appreciate getting that inforomation. Thank you so much, Margareta!

Margareta L
21-06-06, 23:03
Now I have also founded Katarina born 12 May 1871 (baptized 18 May 1871) Jeppo, Jungar by, Forss
Parents: Matts Nilsson Forss and wife Caisa Thomasdotter
Godparents: Farmer Elias Thomasson Forss, wife Sofia, farmer son Erik Johansson Romar and maid Susanna Andersdotter Forss.

Two dates I has written wrong but very close -:).
Johannes Mattsson Forss b. 20 July 1866 ( not 20 Jun 1866)
Jakob Mattsson Forss b. 18 Jan 1869 ( not 17 Jan 1869)

Source: Nykarleby and Jeppo parish records
Institute of Migration, Finland
I send a private messenger to you with my address if you have more questions.

Lois Willand
22-06-06, 18:04
Margareta, I'll be glad to have your private e-mail address if that's the way it would be best to operate. I'm new to the list and don't know how much of the postings should be public versus private.
Thanks, Lois

22-06-06, 18:49
...I'm new to the list and don't know how much of the postings should be public versus private.

The only restriction is that copyrighted or personal information about living persons (address, telephone numbers, social security numbers etc.) must not be posted in messages. This information is better to post via a private message.

Generally I'm not encouraging people to use personal messages too much since this is a discussion forum. If people start using personal messages instead of general "public" -messages then the forum rapidly dies.

I think we all know what kind of information we would like to see about ourselves in the net - let that be a guideline.


Margareta L
22-06-06, 19:06
Feel free to write to this Forum. Sometimes peoples want to ask something private and for that reason I give my e-mail address.

Midsummer Greetings to everyone!


Margareta L
22-06-06, 21:33
Sorry Hasse, the private message is deleted.

23-06-06, 05:45
Welcome Lois to sfhs,

I have a db of Finnish emigrants to the upper peninsula so if you have a town name, we might have more information for you that would fill in a blank spot here and there.

23-06-06, 08:53
Originally posted by Margareta L
Sorry Hasse, the private message is deleted.


No need to delete a private message because of me. The main thing is that we enjoy the discussion on Finlander. If we feel we have something to say that is really private then please be welcome to use the private message. Please don't misunderstand me.

If you want to exchange email addresses etc it is far better to do it via the private messaging than via a public message.

Glad midsommar Margareta!

Lois Willand
23-06-06, 20:26
These are the only two cities I have information for.

Metropolitan, Michigan. An entry in Katherine Forsman's autograph book made by Mrs. Fredericka Blomqvist and John Blomqvist was made in July 1889 and the town listed by their names.

Ironwood, Michigan. Katherine Forsman married Charles M.F. Carlson there in December 1890.
Their first children, Edwin and Anna Cecelia, were born in Ironwood in 1891 and 1892, per family statements.

Thank you for checking your database!

30-06-06, 21:30
At Swenson S 14-2 = Michigan, Gogebic Co, Ironwood, Salem Lutheran
I found this woman married to a Carlson guy who was not Finnish born and neither was a member. Probably not yours.

S 14-2 b84wm Chattarine Carlson f. Forsman Dec 6 1890 age 19 Finland unk

Lois Willand
01-07-06, 01:55
The wedding date of Dec. 6, 1890 for my grandmother matches your information as well as the location. Her name is Katherine Forsman and she married Charles M.F. Carlson, who was born in Sweden.
I think you've got the correct person. Thanks so much!

Is there any other useful information in the record you found? If so, I'd appreciate getting it. Thanks again!

01-07-06, 18:39
She was not a member but got married in that place. Had she been a member, we would have had more information. Her husband was not born in Finland so he does not appear on the listing nor do children not born in Finland.

Lois Willand
11-07-06, 18:40
I would like access to the Talko database. Please tell me how I can get this. Thank you very much.

June Pelo
11-07-06, 19:42

In order to get into Talko, you need to submit a GedCom of your data to Hasse Nygård and get a password from him. Do you have enough data to put together a small GedCom? If you don't know how to do it, I'm sure Hasse can give you some suggestions.


Lois Willand
11-07-06, 19:49
I have charts in text format. Can that substitute for a gedcom?

June Pelo
11-07-06, 19:53
That's something for Hasse to decide. I'm sure he'll be reading your mail and question..


11-07-06, 20:13
The only way to make proper use of the material is if it is gedcom format.

Have you been using a genealogy program for your research or are you just using your wordprocessor?

Lois Willand
11-07-06, 20:19
So far I've been recording my data on my word processor. Lois

11-07-06, 21:33

You could try to send me the text document and I could try if the material is easily transferable to a genealogy program. Nevertheless, I would recommend you to start using a genealogy program. There are many of them out there. Better, worse, expensive, cheap or free-of-charge. In the long run it is easier to use a proper program then to just use a traditional word processing program. IMHO.


Lois Willand
18-01-18, 20:18
I'm back, after having not looked at this site for way too long! Getting older, and realizing time may be running out! Many thanks to all who have sent valuable information!
Lois in Minneapolis

Lois Willand
18-01-18, 20:31
How should I contact Arne Nylund and Roy Lager?
and how would I contact Putte?
Thank you for any information. Lois

Lois Willand
18-01-18, 20:38
Sorry, but still have no gedcom software. Have been limited by our Mac computer use that was dominated by my late husband's extensive writing and research, unable to update our Macs until very recently. Now it feels too late in life to enter all my family data on a gedcom from its current status.


You could try to send me the text document and I could try if the material is easily transferable to a genealogy program. Nevertheless, I would recommend you to start using a genealogy program. There are many of them out there. Better, worse, expensive, cheap or free-of-charge. In the long run it is easier to use a proper program then to just use a traditional word processing program. IMHO.


18-01-18, 21:18
If you send me your current email address (to my email address hasse<remove>(at)<remove>e-brev.nu I can try to send your email to Arne and Roy - if the addresses they have sent me still work...

Remove the <remove> from the email address and replace (at) with the commercial-at character of the email addresses.