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21-06-06, 22:32
My grandfather Taavetti (some times also named Taavi or David) Kinnari from Valkeala, born 23.3.1888 arrived to Ellis Island on Jan. 30’th 1909 with destination a friend A. Salmi in 114 Matt (Watt?) Avenue Waukegan Ill.
In the passenger manifest the name is erroneous. Family name is Taaretti (with r) and given name Kinnari.
He travelled with two friends also from Valkeala; Erik Sjöblom and Jalmar Möller (names written of course without dots over o).

I do not know if they ever went to Waukegan but I ’know’ that my grandfather was quite soon working in some mine in Canada. I do not know where. He also got pneumonia and returned back to Finland maybe 1911-12,
as his first child was born 27.5.1913 in Valkeala.

Can anybody give me some hints how I could trace his ways in US and Canada?


Art Fors
22-06-06, 17:45
Hello JS,

Re: Institute Of Migration Passenger Record.

Last name: Kinnari
First names: Taavetti
Age or age group: 20
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Waukegan
State of destination: IL
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: FIM 298
Ship from Finland: Urania
Date of departure from Finland: 23.01.1909
Ship from England: Columbia
Date of departure from England: 30.01.1909
Ocean Line: Anchor Line
Port of departure in England: *
List and page: 63/23
Remarks: *

Re: Institute Of Migration Passport Record.

Last name: Kinnari
First names: Taavetti
Other names: *
Date of birth: . .1888
Marital status: 1
Religion: Lut.
Occupation: Itsellinen
Home parish: Valkeala
Province: VII
Passport date: 19.01.1909
Passport number: 111
Passport valid (year:month): 5:0
Destination: Amerikka
Passport issued by: VII
Remarks: *

I will look for more Info.


28-06-06, 10:00

Thanks your information so far.
As he was there so short time is it in general possible trace his ways?