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16-07-06, 19:48
Some time ago I asked help on this forum to find information about my lost US relative Oscar Wiitala. I got good help then and during the last months I have proceeded a much. Now I'd need some more assistance.

My great grand uncle Oscar Wiitala was born 23.4.1885 in Alavus, Finland. He moved to Canada and later to USA's Michigan. According to an information I got this week he deceased in 1960 - I wasn't aware of that before.

Now I'd be very interested to know that could someone check the main newspapers of Michigan and especially Houghton area if there is any obituary of Oscar. He resided in Stanton, Houghton in 1930's and I guess he lived there or perhaps in Manistee area at the time he passed away.

Thank you!


16-07-06, 20:26
Hello Marko,

My grandparents also lived in that area of Michigan, and also from Finland. I did find an Oscar Wiitala on this website:


I will continue to search the records for that area that I know and see if I can come up with anything else.


16-07-06, 23:05
Hi Marko,

I didn't locate an obituary but I'm sure someone can help you to locate that. I did find a World War I Draft Registration Card, and it indicates that he was "stone blind". I am attaching a jpg file containing a copy of the card -- I hope the file isn't too large.

I will continue to look around for the obituary.


Karen Norwillo
17-07-06, 17:12
I checked the Manistee County Death Index 1869-1973 and no Oscar Wiitala, but there are 4 other Wiitala entries. The 1930 census for the Houghton County Infirmary indicates he is 46, single,and is an inmate. This was the poorhouse farm for Houghton County located in Hancock. Where did you find the 1960 death? As the WWI Draft card shows he was there already in 1918 and still there in 1930, maybe there would be a good place to check for his death. I did find a John Wiitala on the Manistee Death records. Note he gives nearest relative as a John Wiitala in 1918.

19-07-06, 23:38

I got this year of death from some genealogy papers my relatives have made about 20 years ago. I have no idea from where they got the information, perhaps those people have known Oscar.

Anyway, even though it's great that now I know(?) the year Oscar passed away, I still don't have any sureness about the place he resided for last.

I already knew that he lived for a long time in Houghton, MI but one rumour tells that Oscar lived his last years with a relative, but where, that's unclear. I would guess that somewhere in Michigan. I mentioned Manistee area as there has been lots of these Wiitala's, maybe someone of them gave a home to Oscar who was blind about 50 years!