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Ingemar Ekman
17-07-06, 14:51
Åland Emigrant Institute has got following query in their guestbook and Eva Meyer asked me if I had any suggestion and I thought off Finlander discussion forum:
Searching for descendent Oskar Theodor Malmström,born 11.01.1905 in Jomala Åland.He emigrated to Canada 1923 and his last name was at the time Karlström.He was most likley adoted. In 1958 he spelled his last name Carlström.His wife`s name was Helena.She was born in Helsinki.Together they had two sons,Rikhard and Rolf,one of them died at a young age. There is also a photo of the family,taken in Ontario Timmis.If there is anyone who knows anything about this family I would be grateful to hear from someone. Answer to ake.borman*aland.net
Thank you,
Ingemar and Eva

Paul Dahlin
08-08-06, 16:11
Hello Ingemar... it's a small world. First of all, thank you for your response to my post on Westerberg. I now live in Toronto, Ontario and I used to live outside Timmins, Ontario.

I did a quick search and discovered there were only three Carlstroms in Ontario with the first initial "R". I took a chance and called them. I hit "pay dirt"!!

His name is Richard Carlstrom, age 68. Richard's brother, Rolf, died as a teenager. Richard is a retired mechanical engineer and now makes his home in Rexdale (a district in Toronto) Ontario. He would very much like to establish contact. Richard can be reached by e-mail:

or by telephone:

I passed on to Richard the e-mail address in your post.



Ingemar Ekman
09-08-06, 10:02
Hi Paul,
Thank you very much for your reply. I am glad that you also got the reply on your query regarding Hedström / Westerberg
Best Regards,
Ingemar Ekman

Ingemar Ekman
27-08-08, 18:28
Hi Paul,
Feedback over the help you provided 2006
I got today the local newspaper "Åland" with a big article and photo of Richard´s first visit to his close relatives in Åland.
The headline for the article " Had relatives on an island that he never heard about "
Thank you very much,

Paul Dahlin
27-08-08, 19:08
Hello Ingemar... thank you for sharing the information about Richard's visit. I am glad things went well.

Since my father's death in 2000 my interest in genealogy has grown exponentially. Through the kindness & help from others I have now made contact with many relatives that I did not even know existed and who live in places that I never thought about (from Finland to Autralia & everywhere in between).

I am pleased to have been of assistance in some small way.

All the best!!!