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June Pelo
06-08-06, 20:54
I'm helping someone search for Nadine Kortell who lived in San Rafael, CA until recently. She was the daughter of Otto Jakobsson Kort-Kortell, b. 3 Apr 1877 in Karleby. Married to Aina Sarlund in 1903. Came to the US 1904 and lived in Eureka, CA. I think he had 3-4 children.

Would appreciate any information, especially about Nadine as to whether she's still living or has died. She was not married.


Karen Norwillo
07-08-06, 00:49
From Ancestry.com
1920 census, Eureka, Humboldt, CA
Kortell, Otto, 42, married, US 1904, Nat. 1912, Finn/Swed, proprietor, shoestore
Aina S, 38, same info
Arne E, 15, Finn
Vivian L, 13, CA
A. Nadine, 9, CA

CA Death Index
Aina Sofia Kortell, 26 Sep 1881 other country, 28 Dec 1952 CA
Arne Eugene Kortell, 18 Mar 1904, 13 Mar 1954 CA
Otto Kortell, 3 Apr 1877, 5 Dec 1961CA
Vivian Linnea Vanalstyne, 9 Jan 1906 CA, 23 Mar 1987, Marin, CA

US Public Records shows Nadine A Kortell in San Rafael, CA
I will send you her address and phone by PM.

Karen Norwillo
07-08-06, 02:02
Here's a bit more info.
Boston Passenger List shows Otto Kortell, born abt 1877, 27 Finland, arriving 5 May 1904 in Boston. Says going to sister, name crossed out in Fresh Water, CA. Entire entry for him has a line through it. Ship was Lucania, but crossed out and Ivernia stamped above.

WWI Draft 12 Sep 1918
Otto Kortel, 41, Apr 3, 1877, Finland, 2478 B St Eureka, Humboldt
merchant, self, 390 Second, Eureka (must be business address), wife Mrs. Ina Sofia Kortel

1910 census shows him at 33, Aina 28, him US 1904, her 1905, married 1x 7 yrs. 2 children, 2 living, he's a shoemaker. Arne 6, Vivian 4.

CA Birth Index
Aina N Kortell 1 Apr 1919 female, mmn Sarlund, Humboldt Cnty Looks like Nadine used her middle name.

CA Birth Index
Joan Dolores Vanalstyne
7 Oct 1931
mmn Kortell
This would be Vivian's child. Unfortunately, no first name for father.

June Pelo
07-08-06, 17:33

Thanks for the additional info. All I know about Otto is that he was a shoemaker. And it seems that Nadine did use her middle name. I'll pass all this on to Finland.


Karen Norwillo
07-08-06, 22:23
I just noticed that the 1920 census gives Nadine's age as 9. The CA Birth Index says she was born in 1919. Maybe that 9 was 9 months, not years. I'll check it out. April 1919 to Jan 1920 is 9 months. Karen

June Pelo
07-08-06, 22:57

Yes, now that I look at it I thought at first she was born ca 1911. Thanks for looking. Anita in Finland is thrilled and sends her thanks.


22-05-11, 22:21
Would you please forward my request to Anita in Finland who was seeking Kortell relatives in California? I'm including the Kortells in a panel about Swedish Finns in California for the FinnFest display Aug 10-14 in San Diego. The Eureka panel: Kort married Sarlund and they had two children. The Sarlund family tree from TALKO will make stunning graphic, as it goes at least as far back as 1500's. If Anita has a marriage photo, or a picture of the family home or?? in California, I would love to include that in the panel.

Thanks so much!

June Pelo
23-05-11, 21:32

Otto Jakobsson Kortell's nephew in Finland is looking for some photos of Otto and his family in California. If he can find anything, he'll let me know.

06-09-11, 02:33

Otto Jakobsson Kortell's nephew in Finland is looking for some photos of Otto and his family in California. If he can find anything, he'll let me know.

June I sent you an email through another thread her on Finlander Forum. My name is Lynne Doherty and I have information on Nadine Kortell and family.


June Pelo
06-09-11, 02:58

I received your message and thanks.. I'll contact the family members in Finland about your mail.

08-09-11, 01:45

I enjoyed working on the exhibit. Thanks to Hasse it was up during the Finland in My Heart conference in Åbo Finland July 4 and on.

Any additional photos would be appreciated. Hasse is looking to the future when not only the name of the emigrant is entered on the Database, but also anecdotes, photos, destinies, indeed the individuals history. This information then would be accessible on the SFHS homepage. Great idea!