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June Pelo
12-08-06, 21:34
I need to find data on Elmer Alexander Forsberg and his descendants. Here's what I know:

Elmer Alexander Forsberg, b. 16 Jul 1883, Gamlakarleby, Finland, to America 1891 with his parents Adolf (1856-1910) and Signe Forsberg (1861-1926). They settled in Chicago. He died 1950, where?

Elmer was an artist - studied and was member of Art Institute of Chicago. Married 1915 in US to Anna Olivia Sandqvist, 1884-1951 (from Finland). Their children: Margaretha and Niels - no dates for them. Family lived at 940 Galt Ave., Chicago. He had an office on Madison St., Chicago.

Neils was married to Eileen ca 1946 - he died 1988. They lived at PO Box 235, La Blanca, TX 78558-0235. They had a daughter Leslie, married to Mr. Harris and they lived in Richardson, Texas in 1989.

Would appreciate any information about any of this family - they seem to have disappeared.


13-08-06, 05:44
Hi June,

So far, I've only found Elmer Forsberg in Chicago on Rokeby Street in the 1930 census (attached is a portion of the page). I'll keep hunting... I didn't see anything about his death -- YET. It is interesting that it shows a sister-in-law and a nurse living at the same address in 1930.


June Pelo
13-08-06, 17:36
Thanks, Debbie. Someone found a death date for Elmer of 3 Aug 1950, Chicago. I'm trying to help someone find Neils Forsberg's daughter Leslie Harris who lived in Texas. Not sure where she is. She probably was born after 1946. Her mother Eileen Forsberg was still alive in 1989 - but we're not sure if she's alive or where she is now.

Someone in Texas was selling some of Elmer Forsberg's art on E-bay - could be a family member...


June Pelo
14-08-06, 01:12
I've been getting some interesting responses about the Forsberg family: name of Elmer's granddaughter's husband and his great granddaughter's name, as well as an address of his daughter-in-law Eileen. Someone also wrote to me about the Forsberg summer cottage on Vermilac Lake (AKA Worm Lake)in Covington, Michigan. Elmer and his students at the Art Institute of Chicago designed and executed a mural of The Last Supper that covers the walls of the altar area of Bethany Lutheran Church in Covington. They also made some woodcarvings of the Apostles Peter and Paul. This artwork still exists. This art is mentioned in "Covington Township Homecoming, June 30 - July 1, 1973" by Alda Elmi White. Also in "Streets of Gold, A History of Covington Township" by William
Kallio and Martin Koskela, July 1983.

Thanks to all for their help.


Art Fors
14-08-06, 21:28
Hello June,

Here is some information on Neils Forsberg.

Michigan Deaths, 1971-1996 Record
about Neils FORSBERG

Name: Neils FORSBERG
Birth Date: 26 July 1917
Death Date: 01 September 1988
Gender: Male
Residence: Texas
Place of Death: Laurium, Houghton, Michigan

Social Security Death Index Record
about Neils Forsberg

Name: Neils Forsberg
SSN: 340-03-0684
Last Residence: 78558 La Blanca, Hidalgo, Texas, United States of America
Born: 26 Jul 1917
Died: 1 Sep 1988
State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951)


Art Fors
15-08-06, 00:08
Hello June,

Here is information on the marriage of Leslie Forsberg and John Harris.

Texas Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2002 Record
about Leslie Forsberg

Name: Leslie Forsberg
Gender: Female
Marriage Date: 18 May 1979
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1950
Age: 29

Spouse: John Harris
Spouse Gender: Male
Spouse Est Birth Year: abt 1957
Spouse Age: 22

Marriage County: El Paso
Marriage State: Texas

Source: Texas Marriage Index, 1966-2002

June Pelo
15-08-06, 00:14

Thanks for that info. It's good to get definite dates because I just had estimated dates.


Art Fors
15-08-06, 00:25
Hello June,

Here is a birth record of Cassandra Marseille Harris.

Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997 Record

Name: Cassandra Marseille Harris
Date of Birth: 13 May 1990
Gender: Female
Birth County: Dallas
Father's Name: John Thad Harris
Mother's Name: Leslie Alexandra Forsberg
Roll Number: 1990_0009

Art Fors
15-08-06, 02:19
Hello June,

This probably is the death record for Eileen Forsberg, Neils' wife

Social Security Death Index Record

Name: Eileen V. Forsberg
SSN: 324-14-7850
Last Residence: 80016 Aurora, Arapahoe, Colorado, United States of America
Born: 13 Jan 1918
Died: 8 Jul 2001
State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951)


June Pelo
15-08-06, 16:23

Thanks for the additional info. We had a hunch that Eileen might have died - now we know.


09-09-06, 10:24
I tried to find Elmer and his parents on the Finnish parish database http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski/ but I could not. I wonder if they did not belong to the ev.luth. church because they are not christened. many in this are belonged to so called free churches and were also discriminated against and therefore maybe emmigrated. I could not find marriage of the parents either in Gamlakarleby, but they might have come from another place.
Anita Wikberg

June Pelo
09-09-06, 16:56

Someone found Elmer Forsberg's parents - Elmer's name was Hjalmar Alexander Adolfsson, b. 16 Jul 1883 in Gamlakarleby, son of Adolf Alexander Fredrikasson Forsberg, Gamlakarleby married 1882 to Signe Katarina Sandberg, Pedersöre.

Thanks for your mail.