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June Pelo
13-09-06, 21:21
I have a request for help from someone in Korsnäs who found my name on the Net: She asks for help finding her husband's relatives as follows:

Saidie Elisabeth Back- Sorensen, born 03.01.1932, married to Dan Sörensen born 1932 in
Amerika. His parents came from Dennmark.
They have two children: Roy born 1956, and Diane born 1958. We thought they lived in St Petersburg in Florida.

The other person is her sister Mary Georgina Back born 10.05 1930, married to Jukka Haapamäki. They are not married any longer. What we know is Mary has a daughter - her name is Mona Palik and she should be living in Manassas in Virgina, I think.
Now I really hope that you can help me with some tips or just something which can lead us to them. It is my husband´s relatives and they are cousins to his mother and him, it would be so nice to get in touch with them.

Would appreciate any help or suggestions for Carina.


Karen Norwillo
13-09-06, 22:50
Found both on Ancestry US Public Records Index. Will send info PM for privacy.