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June Pelo
07-10-06, 17:34
I have a request for help in determining the ancestry of Don Fagerquist, b. 6 Feb. 1927 in Worcester, MA. He died 24 Jan 1974 in CA. He had two brothers: Richard and Andrew (nothing known about them.) He also had a son Thomas Eric who died 1980.

Fagerquist was a trumpeteer who was also a staff musician for Paramount Films. During his career he was a soloist for various bands: Gene Krupa, Artie Shaw, Woody Herman, Les Brown, etc.

Any information would be appreciated.


07-10-06, 23:41

I've sent via your private email a copy of the 1930 Census that shows Fagerquist and family living in Massachusetts. I believe it shows Swedish ancestry, but you'll have to check it out for sure.

Hope this helps.


Karen Norwillo
08-10-06, 16:55
Found the family also on the 1910 census in Worcester.Don's grandfather is Axel Fagerquist, 45, married 19 yrs, Sweden, US 1890, tailor
Grandmother is Sophie, 40, Sweden, US 1890.
Children: Bernard (Don's father) 19, RI, cabinet maker, Helga, 14, MA and Roland, 4, MA.

1900 Census, Worcester
Axel Fagerquist, Jan 1865, 35, married 10 yrs, Sweden, tailor
Sophie, Apr 1870, 30, 2 children, 2 living, Sweden
Benjamen, Apr 1892, 8, MA
Helga, July 1895, 5, MA

Bernard A. Fagerquist Apr 15, 1891 RI, Oct 1982 Worcester
Florence I Fagerquist died Mar 10, 1975 in Worcester

I don't know why Bernard isn't listed on the 1900 census with the family, unless Benjamen is really Bernard. I'll do abit more checking on Donald's brothers and uncles. It's hard to track females with name changes at marriage.

June Pelo
08-10-06, 17:30
Thank you, Karen. It looks like the family originated in Sweden; we were trying to determine if they could have been Swede Finns from Finland. So now we'll try to find them in Sweden.