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30-10-06, 23:01

I'm looking information about Helena Gustavsdotter Liljeqvist's (b. 17.11.1839 Gamlakarleby??) parents and ancestors. She was married to Anders Hansson Lillrank (b. 1850 Terjärv. d. 12.09.1905 Kivinebb).

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

Miika :)

June Pelo
31-10-06, 01:32
A check of HisKi for anyone named Helena Gustafsdotter Liljeqvist, b. 17 Nov 1839 in Gamlakarleby shows she wasn't born there on that date. A check of all of HisKi for someone named Helena born 17 Nov 1839 in Finland showed only one child born that day:
Artjärvi, Lena, b. 17 Nov 1839 to Gustaf Mallén and Lena Eriksdotter, in Willikkala village.

The Liljeqvist name was found in Gamlakarleby, but none named Helena born on that date.

A search of Terjärv births showed two boys named Anders Hansson Lillrank born in 1850:

Anders, b. 7 Jan 1850 to Hans Fredriksson and Maja Lisa Andersdotter.

Anders, b. 26 Feb 1850 to Hans Hansson and Maria Johansdotter.


31-10-06, 11:41

I was a little inexact earlier. Helena Gustavsdotter Liljeqvist was married to that first Anders Hansson Lillrank (b. 7 Jan 1850 to Hans Fredriksson and Maja Lisa Andersdotter). I'm aware almost all of Anders ancestors. But from Helenas ancestors I have no information at all. Her birthplace would help a lot but I've had difficulties to find it...

Miika :)

Art Fors
31-10-06, 20:25
Hello Miika,

This is what I found from The Genealogical Society of Finland, HisKi project. (see attachment)