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Georgina Smith
04-11-06, 21:38
Where is this Parish?

Åbo svenska församling - Turun ruotsalainen seurakunta

One day I put a name in HisKi to search all parishes and this one was at the bottom of the list. I did not find the person I was looking for but I think there may be a connection between this parish and my family.

How I hope that someone will help me!


05-11-06, 04:45
It is in the southwestern tip of Finland; Turku. I hope I'm correct!


05-11-06, 04:56
Here is a map and info.



Georgina Smith
05-11-06, 14:52
Hope this reply works. Seems funny that I have to put subject in again. I hope using this forum gets easier.

Thank you Denise for helping me!

I have only recently had learn searching in Finland.

Someone sent me this website where I could search church records page by page.


But I don't see how to this parish

Åbo svenska församling - Turun ruotsalainen seurakunta

I think this is the parish where my 2nd great grandfather (born in southern Sweden) was in for a short time, 1834 - 1837.
it would be nice to see whose house he was in.

Thanks again!

05-11-06, 16:08
Hi Georgina!
Turku communion books have not been digitalized yet and that is why they do not appear in www.digiarkisto.org
Hope someone will be able to do a lookup from microfilm for you!

Georgina Smith
05-11-06, 21:39
Thank you very much for the info! Yes, I will hope some kindly person will have time to search the microfilms for the years I mentioned above.

Thanks again!

Georgina Smith
05-11-06, 21:43
I just realized that I should give the name and year of birth for my ancestor.

Johan Gustav Korsman or Carlsson born Sep 1819.

Thanks in advance to anyone who will help!

Nyberg Ernst
06-11-06, 21:03
Åbo svenska församling comprises Swedish speaking members around in the town of Åbo, but also here and there in the surrounding communities. Therefore the parish can not be found as a certain area on a map. I live in Åbo, so if you tell all details you have about your ancestor, I will try to track him. Exact date and place of birth as well as correct spelling of the name makes the job easier.

Georgina Smith
07-11-06, 00:06
Hi Ernst,

Thank you very much for your willingness to help! I will try to give helpful information.

My second great grandfather Johan Gustav Korsman (patranomic = Carlsson) was born 26 Sep 1819 in Bjälkhult, Fränninge parish in southern Sweden.

Later records in Sweden say he returned from Åbo in 1837.

I'm sure he would not have been in Finland any earlier than 1833. Even in 1834 he would have only been age 15.
I do not know who he would have resided with in Finland those few years but I am wondering if there could be a connection to Jöns Jöransson (Jönsson, perhaps - difficult to read) and wife Elna Larsdotter.
This couple were witnesses or godparents on a swedish birth record in 1853. I wish I could copy place where they were from but it will not work. It does say Svenska... then ?Tur and for sure Åbo.

I hope this is not too confused. It is so good of you do try to find him on the records so i know whose home he was in.

Many thanks!