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June Pelo
22-11-06, 17:48
I'm trying to find more information about my gggfather who was living in Duluth, Minnesota, the years around 1898-99. His name was Erik (Erick) Anderson, born in Larsmo, Finland, September 3, 1845. He emigrated to America before 1898.
Eric was married in Finland (1874) with Maria Lovisa, but she and their 6 children never moved to America. The family was Swedish-speaking Finns.

Eric was living with his brother in Duluth. The
brother was called Anders Anderson, born November 1, 1862. Anders married a Finnish girl, probably in America and had a few children there.

Eric sent some letters to his wife and wrote about he and his brother being fishermen. His adress was
something like Tabens Harbor, en Car of Booth Pkg Co and later 928 Garfield Avenue.

His brother Anders wrote in a letter July 30, 1899 to Finland, that Eric had died in July 19, and was buried July 22 in Duluth. The pastor who ministered the funeral was a Lutheran pastor, whose country origins was Finland.

These are all facts we have about Anderson brothers. I have been in contact with Bethany Lutheran Church and they was unable to come up with any information. Maybe I will have more luck here? I am grateful for every piece of information about both Eric and Anders.

Thank you!

Lillemor Berglund-Koivusalo


Art Fors
22-11-06, 19:20
Hello June,

Eric sent some letters to his wife and wrote about he and his brother being fishermen. His adress was something like Tabens Harbor, en Car of Booth Pkg Co and later 928 Garfield Avenue.

From the Genealogical Society of Finland website I found the following:

Missionsposten - Subscribers List, July 1907-1910?

Missionsposten (earlier Finska Missionsposten and later The Mission Post) was published monthly from 1906 to 1961 by Finska Baptist Missionsföreningen (later The Baptist Mission Union).
The hand-written subscribers list belongs to professor Anders Myhrman's collection at the Manuscript Department of Åbo Akademi University Library, Turku, Finland. The names in the original list are sorted in a rough order.


Anderson, Andrew, C.A. Booth, Tobins Harbor, Duluth MN


June Pelo
22-11-06, 19:49
Thank you for that find, Art. I'll forward it on to Lillemor.


07-03-16, 10:28
Long time ago I sent my question. Thanks to all of you who took your time to find out more.
I got an answer from another relative - Lou Mattson - whose gf lived and fished together with his uncles Erik and Andrew (Anders) in Duluth, and Isle Royale. We still have contact and he has helped me a lot. He found out that Andrew died in March 28th, 1914 in Duluth and was married to Sofia Peterson b. 1873 and died Feb.2, 1937.

Now we have found an old photo from Duluth. Probably taken at the funeral of Eric Anderson in July 22, 1899. Are here anyone who can tell me a bit more about this photo? The photo was sent home to his wife in Larsmo, Finland. We still haven't found where Eric is buried, and have no information about his life in Duluth.


Karen Norwillo
07-03-16, 16:59
I don't know if you have the information from Andrew's obit as found on Find-a Grave. He was just 51, funeral at Swedish Bethany Lutheran Church, burial in Park Hill Cemetery. Obit found in 30 Mar 1914 Duluth News-Tribune. Children, in birth order, Emil Andrew, Arthur, Hilda Elvira, Ernest Wilhelm and Ruth Waldena. I checked that cemetery but Erik not listed.

07-03-16, 19:45
Yes - thank you very much!
We have found Andrews grave, Lou Mattson and his wife has been searching a lot and we got a photo of it. He had had some contact with Andrew's relatives, but not so we had any help of them for this, so far. As we know Eric was taken to a doctor in Thunder Bay (they were fishingmen and used to live at Isle Royale in the summer). But Eric died there and Andrew took him by boat to Duluth and arranged a funeral for him there.
Lou couldn't recognize the houses (or the people) on this photo - maybe someone here have any clues:-)