View Full Version : Searching for Simon Kangasaho in US/Canada

28-11-06, 20:41
I'm looking for information about my grandfather's cousin Simon Edvard Kangasaho (or perhaps Aho), born on September 17th 1892 in Alavus, Finland.

Simon left Finland on October 27th 1913. He headed probably to United States, but one old rumour says he resided in Canada. Don't know - who knows if he stayed in USA anyway. At least he had a sister Sanelma Bonka in Ironwood, Michigan.

I would like to know that where Simon lived and did he have a family in North America. Hopefully someone is able to help me even though I can't give better clues!

Anyway, no one of my older relatives remembers stories about Simon, except that his nickname was "Siukku". But that doesn't help much at this moment...