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03-09-03, 07:39
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250th ANNIVERSARY OF NEDERVETIL PARISH CONGREGATION (http://sfhs.eget.net/P_articles/Pelo119.html)

A landmark which has stood in the middle of Nedervetil parish for many years is the church. From its place on Church Hill (Kyrkbacken) it is an eye-catcher for the people living there as well as for those passing by. In early times the people in the countryside of Nedervetil wanted to have their own church, mainly because the distance to Karleby church was too far, but there was also the need for independence.

The congregation began as a chapel to Karleby mother congregation. The first request for permission to build their own chapel was made in 1750, and approval was given in 1752. The church was built by church builder Matts Honga and was paid for by the nearly 500 people who belonged to the parish congregation. By 1896 Nedervetil had become an independent congregation and they had made two renovations and enlarged the church.