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Edle Nyborg
08-12-06, 21:52
Jeg kan huske min far snakket om en dame som var veldig godt kjent i Finland. Hvem var hun egentlig og hva gjorde hun som var så bra.?

June Pelo
09-12-06, 00:29
Perhaps this is the person you referred to:


There is a Fabian Wrede in Linus Torvalds' ancestry.


Kaj Granlund
10-12-06, 16:21
Could also be Aurora Karamzin
She was one of the richest women in Europe. And as a curiosity the morning gift she got from her housband is now one of the main attractions of the French crown jeveries.

Edle Nyborg
10-12-06, 20:51
This was very ineresting, but I am shure that here name was Mathilde Wrede. She helps prisoners. edle

Karen Norwillo
10-12-06, 21:14
Did you click on June's first site on Wikipedia? The article describes what you're saying perfectly.

Edle Nyborg
10-12-06, 22:30
Yes i saw it. I have been looking for a book my grandmother had. I was lucky to find it . It is Mathilde Wredes Testament . Esther Stålberg wrote it. So I shall read it . Know is th time for me to do that. It will be nice. There are also several pictures in the book.

11-12-06, 08:19
I just read a book written by Matildas brother Henrik. He spent 1883-1885 2 ½ years in Sibirien selling bibles working for The Bible Society of England and Abroad. Sibirien seemed to be quite a terrible place on those days, when criminals from all Russia (including Finland) were sent there.


Kaj Granlund
11-12-06, 10:21
Both Matilda and Aurora are both strong women, that have had a great inpact by their filantropic work.

Edle Nyborg
11-12-06, 10:43
Harry, do you have the name of this book? I will love to read it. Kaj, I do not know about this other woman, but she seams very interesting. I love to hear about Mathilde Wrede because she ments something for my grandmother, . Edle

Kaj Granlund
11-12-06, 16:17
Edle. I do hope you get to learn more about Mathilda. As I said the outcome of that work in Finland is more important than many here understand today. I've admired these two ladies for their work a long time. And it is wonderful she was important to your grandmother! That makes it more interesting cause you will learn something about your grandmother at the same time.
Lycka till med läsningen!

11-12-06, 17:11

The book I read is in Finnish "Jokilaivalla ja tarantassissa- matkakuvaus Siperiasta 100 vuoden takaa", ISBN 951-655-339-7. Originally the book was published in Swedish in Stockholm 1918 as "I Sibirien 30 år sedan".


Edle Nyborg
11-12-06, 18:14
Thanks Harry.I will try to get it in swedish.Will be interesting to read about Mathildes brother. I have heard of Mathilde since I was a child. I am so glad i got this book my grandmother had. I will read it as soon as I can,. Thanks to all of you. Edle