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Karen Norwillo
30-12-06, 17:02
Once again, as a new year approaches, I'm asking if anyone might have information on the place of death of my great-aunt Thilda Andersdotter Långsjö. She was born 3 Sept 1880 in Långsjövatten, Esse, Finland and emigrated 27 Sep 1902 on the SS Campania to Seattle, WA. I have no idea what happened to her after that except she is recorded in the churchbooks in Esse as dying 10 Feb 1912 in the USA. She was the daughter of Anders Johansson Långsjö and Greta Lisa Gustafsdotter Wärn.There is no-one left in the family that might know where she died, if she married, etc. I have searched everywhere.Her cousins in WA used the name Langsea, but they don't seem to know anything about her. Peter Långsjö (Langsea) moved his family from Manistee, MI to Seattle. He was her uncle. All of her sisters who emigrated, my paternal grandmother included, settled in MI. Could never figure out why she went to WA, except to go to cousins there.
As we have new members since I last posted this, I am hoping someone might know something new.
Happy New Year, Karen

Karen Norwillo
04-02-07, 17:05
Wondering how the churches in Finland were usually notified of the death of former members? Was it the family who notified them or the church in the new parish or, in this case, new country. As I have an exact date of death, but only "in America" as place, it seems hopeless to find out where she died.

04-02-07, 19:31
Hi Karen,
I just looked at the passenger record for the ship, Campania on Ancestry.com, which left September 27, 1902 from Liverpool, and arrived October 4, 1902 New York. Do you actually have a record of her on the passenger list? The closest name I could find was Hildur Lang. Here is the passenger record. If you go to New York Passenger Records on Ancestry, and find the ship arrival October 4, 1902 you will be able to go through it page by page, 31 pages in all. Maybe I just missed her name on the list, but I didn't find Thilda Langsjo on it. Maybe this Hildur Lang is Thilda? Maybe a clue to the spelling of her name in the U.S.

Your cousin,

04-02-07, 19:44
Hi Karen,
From my understanding, many times if the person hadn't been heard from in the U.S. through letters, relatives, etc., they were recorded as dead in Finland, such as dead as of 1 January and the year. Since you have a more accurate death date, 10 February 1912, I would assume a relative gave the information of death from the U.S.


04-02-07, 20:51
A genral rule, at least in the 19th century and before was that the priest who kept the records, recorded only the deaths where he had officated the funeral ceremony himself. Thus sailors who had drowned on their journeys often were recorded as "lost at sea".

Persons who where not heard of for an long while were not recorded as dead without a declararatoin-of-death procedure in the local court. More often than not the heirs of the lost person initiated the process in order to be able to sort out hte inheritance. This applies still today. Thus my great grandfather who emigrated in 1885 and vanished was declared dead in the early 1950ies, when he would have been 100 years of age. This was not done sooner probably because he didn't leave anything to inherit.


Karen Norwillo
05-02-07, 02:59
I searched all 31 pages. Hildur is too young. I found a Tillie Anderson I thought was her, but she's a citizen and has been in US 15 years, going to Chicago. Emigrant Register has a Thilda Långsjö leaving Sep 1902 on the Campania, destination Seattle.
Thanks to you and Sune for the replies. Karen

05-02-07, 13:51
Hi Karen,
Here is the Seattle Passenger Records in 1902 from Ancestry, but I haven't had time to search them, I'm off to work. On the Emigrant Register Tilda Langsjo's record states 20.09.1902 Campania. So, it seems to me she would have to be on that ship record somewhere. The Campania could not have left 20.09.1902 from Liverpool and been back again to leave 27.09.1902 and arriving 04.10.1902 in New York. There is something wrong with the ship dates between the Emigrant Register and Ancestry.com. Did she hang around Liverpool for a week before leaving 27.09.1902? Or, is it possible she is on the Seattle Records somewhere? The Campania could not have been in 2 places at one time in a matter of about 14 days because of turnaround time. Does this make sense to you? :confused:


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05-02-07, 15:42
Hi Karen,
Sorry; I didn't have enough coffee in me this morning when I posted the previous reply. O.K. Tilda left Finland, 20.09.1902, arrived in Liverpool, probably 3 days later. It seems to me she didn't leave on the Campania on 27.09.1902 to arrive in New York 04.10.1902 since she was not found in those 31 pages of the ship record. So, assume she either left later, the next ship for the Campania arrives 02.11.1902 New York, or something happened to her in Liverpool, England. Check this ship record out for the Campania as she probably had to take the next ship's date, or maybe a totally different ship altogether. I wonder if tickets could be transferred to another shipping line, or did they put her on the next voyage on the Campania? Maybe she never left Liverpool? Maybe found a man? Ha! Ha! I'll also check the ship list for the Campania arriving New York 02.11.1902, and see what I find! What a mystery!

05-02-07, 15:46
Hi again Karen,
Obviously still not enough coffee in me; forgot to post this.


05-02-07, 16:18
Hi Karen,
What a sorry mess that passenger record is in, half the names gone. On most pages there should have been 30 names and 5-10 names are destroyed at the bottom of many of the pages. I didn't find her on what little names there were. The closest I came was a Matilda Andersson on page #5, 24 years of age.


05-02-07, 16:39
Hi Karen,
I rechecked the passenger record for this ship, and scrolled over to the right for the final destination of the missing passenger names on the list, and on page 17 , what would have been about line #23-#26, there was a passenger with the final destination of Seattle, Washington via??? (can't read) but going to cousin Anderson. Could it possibly be Thilda? Can you read what it says?

Denise :D

05-02-07, 16:41
Also the person was 23 years of age!


Kaj Granlund
06-02-07, 18:22
As this is "my" parish. If there is a date it means that the local pastor had some offical record he was able to check. Probably a detah sertificate or an obit.
The realtives took this record to the pastor who wrote down the date, but unfortunally seldon teh place.
Another possibility is that the date was marked during tha annual datehring in that particular area of the parish. That gathering called"läsmöte" was a possibility to check the knowledge of christianity among the youth, but also involved that the pastor had the big church record book with him and he went through every family asking where people were or for the emigrants if they had been heard of.
If the people here knew that she ha died they told him and he wrote the dates into the record. That's why there sometimes is a note "Sägs vara död i Amerika" = "Told to be dead in America" but the dates are missing as nobody remembered when it was.