View Full Version : relatives living in Lapua

Roberta May
03-01-07, 01:46
Hi. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and wishing all a very Happy New Year.
Now for the question. I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea how I might contact any Kulju family members living in Lapua?
I have researched as far back as my gggrandparents but would now like to know what happened to my grandfathers brothers and/or sisters and their children. Does anyone have any ideas?

03-01-07, 08:56
Hi Roberta

Check your private messages. I have sent you a few adresses.



Roberta May
03-01-07, 15:55
Thanks Sune
I had e-mailed the first person on the list but heard nothing back from him.
I'm going to write to the others and see if I can find anyone related to me. Hope they can read English.
Thanks so much for all the trouble you went to.