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03-09-03, 07:41
Have you read June Pelo's newest articles on SFHS web site?

100 YEARS SINCE THE YOUNG SAARUKKA MEN MINED GOLD IN AFRICA (http://sfhs.eget.net/P_articles/Pelo117.html)

Erik Leander Saarukka of Nedervetil had a restless family. His oldest son Viktor emigrated to America 1891 and later returned to Finland. His sister Ida spent the rest of her life there. There were 13 children in the family. Sons Axel, Ernst and Hugo traveled to South Africa. Axel and Hugo also spent two years in Canada; they are buried in South Africa.

Ernst Saarukka’s son Heimer showed us notes and photos and pointed to the globe, indicating it’s a long distance between Saarukka in Nedervetil and Johannesburg, South Africa. Going back in time 100 years, they had to take a horse and cart to go from Nedervetil to Gamlakarleby, took a train down to Hangö and waited for a boat to go to Hull, England, then continued with a long boat trip to South Africa.