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06-02-07, 20:43

I am looking for descendants of Ernst (Arvid) Johansson Björk born 28 April 1900 in Norra Vallgrund, Replot, Finland. Ernst emigrated to Canada around 1920-22. He lived in Nanaimo BC and was married to Selma Elisabet Ehn born 25 October 1901 in Korsholm, Finland. I think they got two children, one son and one daughter named Georgina. She was married to a guy calld Bud and they got six children; Jakeline, Marreen, Glen, Dennis and the twins Tom and Tim.

The fact about Ernst family I have got from a couple old letters from 1970-70 which belongs to my grandma. Ernst was her uncel. I am not sure about all the names.

I hope someone can help me whith some information.

Sofia Henriksson, Åland

06-02-07, 21:35
This is possibly who you are looking for.

Vital Event Marriage Registration

Groom Name: Ernst Bjork
Bride Name: Selma Elisabet Ehn

Event Date: 1927 9 12 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Event Place: Vancouver

Reg. Number: 1927-09-317237
B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13753
GSU Microfilm Number: 2074506

Vital Event Death Registration

Name: Ernst Bjork

Event Date: 1980 2 29 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Age: 79
Gender: male
Event Place: Nanaimo

Reg. Number: 1980-09-004026
B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13602
GSU Microfilm Number: 2051386

Vital Event Death Registration

Name: Selma Elizabet Bjork

Event Date: 1985 7 19 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Age: 83
Gender: female
Event Place: Nanaimo

Reg. Number: 1985-09-012464
B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B16574
GSU Microfilm Number: 1358014

They can be found at the following website: http://search.bcarchives.gov.bc.ca/sn-3A29FAF/gbsearch/Births,Marriages,Deaths

Also at yellow.ca there are still 2 Bjorks listed as living in Nanaimo. Maybe give them a try.

Hope this helps. - Wilma

07-02-07, 05:31
Is this your Ernst Arvid Bjork on this passenger record? It is a total of 2 pages, and he is on line #2.

Best Regards,

07-02-07, 05:34
Here is page #2 of the passenger record.


08-02-07, 18:27

Klyne! Yes, it must bee the right person. The marrigedate is the same that I´ve got. I shall give the two names in yellow.ca a try. Thanks for the information.

Denise! I´m not sure that it´s the right person. Ernst was born in Vallgrund in Finland not Köping. His fathers name was Johannes "Johan" Norrgård. Thanks anywhy.


P-E Berglund
11-02-07, 10:36
Hello Sofia

Selma Elisabeth Ehn born 25.10.1901 Västervik, Vasa Mother: Maja Kajsa Gabrielsdotter Westergård born 25.10.1873 Bergö. Father: Karl Herman Johansson Ehn born 15.06.1856 Västervik, Vasa.
Selma had a sister Ragnhild Rosa Ehn born 21.03.1909, lived and died 05.06.1993 Nanaimo, BC, Canada and married to Einar Nyqvist, daughter Maj-Britt.
Karl Herman had 3 children in his first marriage, and 12 children with Maja Kajsa.
My grandfather Viktor and Maja Kajsa were siblings. They also had a brother Joel, who moved to Everson, WA, USA

regards Per-Erik, Bergö