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11-02-07, 18:25
Hello all
I want help with parents to this people.Matts Viktor Seikkula born 14 apr 1878 in Helsinge and he´s wife Matilda Karoliina Holmqvist born 5 may 1878 also in Helsinge died 13 feb 1917 in Helsingfors.They probably belongs to "civilregistret"
I appreciate everything I can get about them.Thank you in advance.
Bert Lindvall

11-02-07, 21:53
Could this be the parents of Matts?
Helsinge - Helsingin pitäjä - vigda
Lysning Vigd By Gård Man Hustru By Gård

4.6.1876 Hoplax Inh. Matts Joh:ss Seikkula E:an Wilhelmina Wilkman (p. 1132)

Christina Nordback

12-02-07, 05:30
Hej Christina !
Thank you for that ! I´m not sure but the date would pretty well fit in with my Matts.I haven´t any dates if Matts had some siblings or not.I´m very happy if you was able to find out more of this people.Matts was married twice also with a Elisabet Heikintytär from Korpilahti.Born 18 sep. 1874.Thank you very much !:)
Bert Lindvall