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June Pelo
16-02-07, 22:15
I have a request for help from Finland. Can someone check this out for her:

My husband´s father Anders Arthur Fransén was born in Ashland, Wisconsin 24.07.1900. He had a brother named Walter Fransén b. 19.01.1902 Ashland, Wisconsin, + 31.03.1904 Ashland, Wisconsin. The family moved 1904 back to Finland. I just wonder if these dates are right about Walter.
Parents were Anders Arvid Fransén b.12.11.1870 Pedersöre, + 09.04.1944 Chisholm Married 1) in Amerika 21.10.1899 to Anna Lovisa Andersdr West b. 30.06.1869 Munsala, + 18.10.1950 Pedersöre. Div. Anders Arvid Fransén back to Amerika 1907.
Married 2) in Amerika ? to Ida Sofia Johansdr Östman b. 03.05.1884 Östensö, + 04.02.1958 Amerika Chisholm? Did they have two boys?



16-02-07, 23:35
I checked Finns at Bethesda Swedish-Finn Lutheran & Saron Lutheran, Ashland, WI plus Birch Lake Lutheran but nobody with your names. So perhaps they were baptists? There are other towns near to Ashland plus maybe they didn't use a church at all.
Perhaps one of our aces with online stuff can handle this one:)

Karen Norwillo
17-02-07, 18:01
Loads of Fransen on Ancestry, but most were from Denmark or Norway. I did find two arrivals for the son, Anders Fransen from Gothenburg, both times on the Kungsholm. First arrival, 22 Apr 1924, Arthur Fransen, born 24 Jul 1900 in Ashland, WI, age 23, single, general worker, speaks Swedish, mother Anna Fransen, Kolby, Finland, in US 1900-1906 Ashland, WI, going to friend Ivar Raj, 578 44th St Brooklyn.
Next arrival, 6 Apr 1929,Anders Fransen, date of birth matches, he's 28, single, going to sister, Mrs, Ester Magnusson, 842 43rd St. Brooklyn.

On the WI Birth Index, found matching birth dates for Anders and Walter.
Fransien, no first name, 19 Jan 1902, Ashland, WI
Frauseen, no first name, 24 July 1900, Ashland, WI. Obvious misspellings of surname.
Tried all census years, but so far no matches. Will try some of the misspellings.

June Pelo
17-02-07, 19:34
Thanks for that info., Karen. I suppose the pronounciation of the name was confusing to census takers.
Chuck, I have asked if these people were Baptists. Haven't heard anything yet.

Thanks to both of you.


Karen Norwillo
17-02-07, 20:44
Found abit more info.
Arriving 30 Oct 1907 on SS Carmania from Liverpool
Ida Östman, 24, single, Finland, father Johan Östman, Östensö, Pedersöre, going to Ashland, WI. Travelling with sister Maria, age 20.

Also, arriving 15 Oct 1929 on SS Gripsholm, Esther Magnusson, 25, married, born 29 Jul 1904 in Ashland, WI, going to 733 45th St Brooklyn.
1930 census, Brooklyn
Magnuson, John, 31, m at 30, Sweden, US 1923, carpenter
Magnuson, Esther, 25, m at 24, WI
If this is Anders Arthur's sister, looks like there was another child of Anders and Anna.

Also, on Ancestry, there's a family tree, very limited, that shows an Anders Arvid Johansson Fransén Andersson??? Wonder where the Johansson comes from? Andersson I understand.
Ida Sofia Östman Fransén dates match,

Also found on WI Births 1820-1907
Ester E Fransen 29 June 1904 Ashland. Says June not July.
Found another arrival for Ester Elizabeth Fransen, born 29 Jul 1904 in WI on SS Stockholm from Gothenburg, age 20. US citizen, docket #64282 May 26, 1925, going to 4113 7th Ave, Brooklyn.

June Pelo
17-02-07, 22:16

I have a reply from Finland, about the use of Andersson, etc.

Yes, Anders Arvid Fransén - Franzén, his father was Johan Andersson b. 20.11.1843 Östensö Pedersöre. Anders Arvid had 4 or 5 brothers in Amerika and it was only Anders Arvid who took the name Fransén - Franzén. The other used both Andersson and Johansson ( Johnson).
With the first wife he had four children:
1) Anders Arthur b. 24.07.1900 Ashland WI, + 28.02.1988 Kĺllby Pedersöre
2) Walter b. 19.01.1902 ? Ashland WI, + 31.03.1904 ?
3) Ester Elizabeth b. 29.06.1904 Ashland WI, + 09.02.1960 Brooklyn married to John Magnusson born in Trollhättan Sweden No children.
4) Edith Regina b. 02.10.1906 Kĺllby Pedersöre, + 27.06.1983 Florida married to Ivar Konrad Öst b. 18.06.1907 Kĺllby, + 08.01.1984 Florida They have one daugther Elizabeth ( Öst) Seagren b. 1935 Helsingfors, living in New York.

Did you find any deathdate for Walter?
Did Anders Arvid and his second wife Ida Sofia have any children?

I'll send your latest to Finland.

Thanks again,


Karen Norwillo
18-02-07, 18:19
I found Ida S Franzen in the 1930 census in Chisholm, St Louis, MN
Franzen, Ida S, 45, widow, Finn, US 1907, boarding house keeper
Franzen, Evald A, 12, son, MN
I still can't find them in the 1910 or 1920 census. The 1944 death for Anders must be incorrect as Ida was a widow in 1930. I couldn't find him in the MN Death Index at all.
Evald Arvid Franzen 16 May 1917, died 4 Feb 1958, St Louis county, mmn Ostman. This is from the MN Birth and Death Indexes and SSDI.
Also found Evald A Franzen 26, married, born 5/16/1917, returning Dec 1943 on the SS Fairfax destination MN.
I have info I will send by PM as it concerns living descendants. Karen

Karen Norwillo
18-02-07, 20:24
Found the death record of Walter. Awful spelling.
Walter Frunsim 31 Mar 1904, Ashland.
WI Vital Records, vol 2, pg 235. Fits DOD you have.

Karen Norwillo
19-02-07, 23:13
Finally found them in the 1920 census Chisholm, St Louis, MN
Francin, Andrew, 48, US 1894, carpenter iron mine
Francin, Ida, 32, US 1906 (actually 1907)
Francin, Evilda (Evald) son, 2 8/12, MN

Searched the MN Death Index between 1920-1930, but can't find Anders.

June Pelo
20-02-07, 01:48
Thanks for the info., Karen. I'll send it on to Finland.