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21-02-07, 22:08
Hello again!

I am hardly trying to find traces of this family. Now I know that there were at least theese girls.

Ida Maria Kronqvist, b. 12.7.1881 Evijärvi
Amanda Andersdotter Kronqvist, b. 14.7.1887 Kurkijoki (Kronoborg), Sorjos
Josefina Andersdotter Kronqvist, s. 26.5.1891 Kurkijoki, Sorjos

Their mother was Maria Eriksdotter Elgbacka - Kronqvist from Evijärvi and the whole family moved to Kronoborg in 1887.

Their father died ab. 1900 and I wonder what happened to the girls.

Could it be that they emigrated to America? In that case I would suppose to find them around the Michigan - lakes.

I have no access to Ancestry.com and their passenger list, but perhaps someone could see if they can be found there.