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28-02-07, 09:36

Is there anyone who know what happened with my grandfather´s older sister who emigrated to America around 1905?

Her name was Elisabeth Eriksson, she was born in Kimo, Oravais 28 nov 1882. Her father´s name was Simon Wilhelm Eriksson (1851-1900) and her mother was Elisabeth Simonsdotter Kyhr (1855-1882).

By the "familytradition" she married a frenchman in America.

This is what I know about her, I don´t know if she ever visited Finland again, I don´t know where in America she was living. I don´t know what name she used, because her father Simon Wilhelm changed his name to Eriksson later, but if Elisabeth used that name is unclear to me. She could have used the name of the farm where Simon was born (Jakobs in Kimo) she could have used her mother´s name (Kyhr) or even the name of her fosterfamily in Kimo (Lingonblad). However most likely is that she used Eriksson, Ericson or something like that.

My grandfather Erik Wilhelm Eriksson (1897-1971) (younger brother to Elisabeth-same fathers different mothers) lived in Chicago, Ill. between early 1920´s to mid 1960´s). I don´t know if he had any contact with Elisabeth.

I know this might be an impossible task, but hopefully some of you "out there" culd help me.

Fredrik Eriksson
Vörå, Finland

28-02-07, 12:25
Elisabeth Eriksson had an older sister Anna Johanna Eriksson (1879-1945), she lived in Pensala, Munsala, name as married "Nylund". I don´t know if she had been in America too.

Erik Wilhelm Eriksson had an younger brother (not related to Elisabeth Eriksson). His name was Viktor Alexander Backholm (1902-1929). Viktor died in a accident at a building site on 28 dec 1929, probably in Chicago, Ill. Erik Wilhelm Eriksson worked also as an building constructor when he stayed in Chicago.

Perhaps this additional information could help.


28-02-07, 17:39
Your "Elisabet Erikson" is on the Migration Institute site, both passport and passenger record. But, I no longer have my subscription, and don't have access to the full details. Maybe someone who does can look to see where her destination was for me and then I may be able to find her on Ancestry.com. So far, I am not finding her anywhere with date of birth and immigration date matching for you.


William Dahlin
28-02-07, 17:54
Birth and death date's may be your Erik Wilhelm Eriksson 1897-1971

Erik Erikson
born 8 Jun 1897
died Nov 1971

Have not had any luck yet in finding Elisabeth or Simon. Will keep looking.

28-02-07, 18:31
Yes, it seems to be the same Erik (=my grandfather), birthdate is the same.

He died 10 nov 1971 in Rejpelt, Vörå, and is also buried in Vörå.

In what source in U.S. is it registrated his deathyear, afterall he died in Finland after he had been living here for a few years prior to his death.

Their father Simon Wilhelm should never have been over to America as far as I know.

I´m looking forward to any kind of further information on Elisabeth (and also Erik).

Fredrik Eriksson, Vörå, Finland

28-02-07, 19:50
I found this from the Migrationsinstitutets databas:

From the passportsrecords:
Sukunimi Eriksson
Etunimet Elisabet
Muut nimet *
Syntymäaika . .1882
Siviilisääty 1
Uskonto Lut.
Ammatti Taloll. tr
Kotipaikka Oravainen
Lääni VAA
Passin päiväys 09.02.1905
Passin numero 1063
Passin kesto (vuosi:kk) 5:0
Kohdemaa Amerikka
Passin antaja VAA
Huomautus *

From the passengerrecords:

Sukunimi Erikson
Etunimet Elisabet
Ikä tai ikäluokka 22
Lähtöpaikka Hanko
Määräpaikkakunta Duluth
Määräosavaltio MN
Määrämaa USA
Matkan hinta FIM 310
Laiva Suomesta Polaris
Lähtöpäivä Suomesta 22.02.1905
Laiva Englannista Ionian
Lähtöpäivä Englannista 02.03.1905
Valtamerilinja Allan Line
Lähtösatama Englannissa *
Luettelo ja sivu 45/20
Huomautuksia *

Christina Nordback

William Dahlin
01-03-07, 03:07
If your Erik Erikson died in Finland the entry I sent you would not be
your Erik.

This was the Social Security Death Record, death occured in the state
of Illinois. Date's correspond but I don't think this is a match being he
died in Finland. I have not found anything else on census records. Have
hit a blank wall.

01-03-07, 10:12
Here I send the same information in english as I sent yesterday in finish.

From the passenger records:
Last name Erikson
First names Elisabet
Age or age group 22
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Duluth
State of destination MN
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 310
Ship from Finland Polaris
Date of departure from Finland 22.02.1905
Ship from England Ionian
Date of departure from England 02.03.1905
Ocean Line Allan Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 45/20
Remarks *

and here from the passport information:

Last name Eriksson
First names Elisabet
Other names *
Date of birth . .1882
Marital status 1
Religion Lut.
Occupation Taloll. tr
Home parish Oravainen
Province VAA
Passport date 09.02.1905
Passport number 1063
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by VAA
Remarks *

Christina Nordback

01-03-07, 12:40
About Erik Eriksson: I wonder how high the odds should be for two Erik Erikson born on 8 jun 1897, living in Illinois and died in 1971??!

That...would be interresting to know:)

Fredrik Eriksson

02-03-07, 01:55
I have searched every way I can think of for your Elisabeth, and I've come to the conclusion that the passenger record is not available on Ancestry. I have tried searching for the Ionian ship list, but none was available for that particular date of March 2 in 1905 or even 10 days later. There were many other records for the Ionian, but that one appears to be missing. :( I'll keep trying.


02-03-07, 04:16

I finally found your Elisabet's passenger record!!! On the Canadian Archives and Library site. http://www.collectionscanada.ca/archivianet/passenger/001045-119.02-e.php?&sisn_id_nbr=11137&page_sequence_nbr=1&interval=20&&page_id_nbr=113162&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&PHPSESSID=3b54ce0ca52a791086fca1b2a7dc34db

She is on page 15 of 19 total pages, destination Duluth, Minnesota, and there is another Erikson with her, (name Erik was scratched out) and a Laura Erikson going to Seattle, Washington was written in that space.



Passenger Lists, 1865-1922
Detailed Description
View Image Results | Search
Departure Port and Date (yyyy/mm/dd): Liverpool, England - 1905-03-02
Port and Date (yyyy/mm/dd): Halifax, N.S. -
St. John, N.B. - 1905-03-13
Remarks: List Number: 153, Date of arrival could apply to either port
Reference: RG 76
Microfilm: T-499

Karen Norwillo
02-03-07, 16:24
Can you work your magic and check the Canadian site for my grandfather. He was granted a passport in Oulu Province May 6, 1891 and was travelling to the UP. He ended up in Manistee, MI first. His name was Gabriel Mickelsson Sulasalmi. His passport had the Finnish of Gabriel, Kaaperi. His brother Matti Alarik may have been travelling with him.
Cousin Karen

02-03-07, 16:44
This might be a possible match on this 1910 Census form St. Louis County, Minnesota for your Elisabet, but when transcribed it said her date of immigration was 1909 (hard to read on the census). Her birth was 1882, married for 4 years. This Elisabet has been very hard to find! :confused:
I also put in a query on a St. Louis, Minnesota site. Maybe someone will be able to help there.


02-03-07, 17:19
Hi Karen,
Was May 6, 1891 the day his ship left? or was it just a passport? The Canadian site is a bit new to me, and unless you know the specific ship and date the person left, it's quite difficult to search. I tried with the year 1891 going to Quebec, and it came up with 85 ships, and then tried 1891 and Montreal, and it came up with 67 ships. Each ship then has it's own passenger lists. I understand that all the Canadian ship list records are being transcribed, so then can be searched by names, but it can't be searched by names right now. I'll search the ship lists, but it may take awhile to come up with results on this one. :)

Best Regards,
Cousin Denise

02-03-07, 19:52
Hi Karen,
Is this your Gabriel? Just checking in case I need a birthdate or more to go on.


Karen Norwillo
02-03-07, 23:11
Yes, that's my grandpa Gabriel. The date I gave you was the date the passport was issued. The provincial archives in Oulu said unfortunately the records were lost that shows the actual passport. All they had was his name and a date issued. Gabriel was born 18 Dec 1869 in Kuolajärvi, now Salla. I had looked previously for the names of ships that left Finland in 1891 and there were only two found, Astraea and Urania, but I think these may just be from Finland and not the ship he would have taken from Liverpool, if he came that way. He could have come through Sweden. I'll look again at the Canada site. I had checked the ships list site before, but couldn't find anything. Thanks, Karen

03-03-07, 00:21
Hi Karen,
Since I'm not too familiar yet with finding records on the Canadian Archives, what I'm going to do is kind of go by the passport and passenger records that were found on Elisabet in the previous passenger record I found. So... that would mean approximately 30 days had passed from the day Gabriel's passport was issued to the date he would actually arrive in Canada, more likely, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Montreal, Quebec. That should narrow it down a bit! :D ! I hope I find him!

Best Regards,

03-03-07, 10:06
Thank you Denise!

Thank you for all your efforts to find out what happened to Elisabet Erikson!

As it seems, it is most likely that she ended up in Duluth-area in Minnesota. I made a search also on John Toikka and one John Toikka was born 4 may 1878 when he was listed in "WWI Civilian Draft Registrations", he was listed in NYC-Bronx... I wonder if this is the same John Toikka married to an Elisabeth.

Well it is quite hard to find Elisabet, her name is so common, and also her surname Eriksson...I´m aware of that. In Ancestry.com (unfortunately I am no subscriber to that forum) there are many Elisabet Eriksson´s born in 1882 in different states in U.S., also a few in Minnesota...who might be the right one?

Hopefully Denise & Co. will find out more clues, I´m so grateful to see all you friendly people out there!


03-03-07, 16:17
Hi Fredrik,
I looked up that John Toikka on Ancestry and he was married to someone named Eva. So, that one isn't our man. I've attached it so you could see. I'll keep looking for Elisabet! :)


05-03-07, 18:41

Elisabet Erikson had a sister Anna Johanna Nylund in Finland. Anna Johanna had a son Anders Nestor Nylund, who emigrated to America around 1922.

I have had contact with two of Anna Johanna´s grand doughters who are living in Oravais. They could tell me that they have pictures of Elisabet Erikson and their uncle Nestor Nylund. Based on those pictures taken probably in the 1920-1930´s Elisabet should have at least four doughters. They didn´t know where in America Elisabet lived, but their mother Ruth did write to Elisabet and Nestor and also sent Christmas Greetings to each other. They didn´t knew if any letters or cards were saved but they knew that their mother had destroyed most of the letters :( .

They thought that their uncle lived in Salt Lake City, and they knew he didn´t have any children and was unmarried.

I checked up IGI and found Nestor: he was born 9 nov. 1902 and died in Salt Lake City (ZIP code 84104) in dec. 1972.

It seems that Elisabet and Nestor did have quite much contact with each other, but that doesn´t tell us more about where Elisabet was living.

I have been promised a picture of Elisabet, Nestor and Elisabet´s children, I´ll try to attach them to this forum later.

Fredrik Eriksson, Vörå.

05-03-07, 19:27
Hi, I found this so far on Anders Nestor Nylund. I'll send one at a time to you as there is more. :)


05-03-07, 19:34
Here is a passenger record of an Ida, and 3 son's in 1917. One of the son's is named Nestor. Was Ida his mother's name?


05-03-07, 19:43
Here is a Nestor Nylund, b. abt. 1903, who is a crew member on ship from Cuba. Did Nestor work on passenger ships? Or have I got the wrong Nestor?

I'm confused! :confused:


05-03-07, 19:54
Social Security Death Index
Name: Anders Nylund
SSN: 528-05-3418
Last Residence: 84104 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States of America
Born: 9 Nov 1902
Died: Dec 1972
State (Year) SSN issued: Utah (Before 1951 )

Source Citation: Number: 528-05-3418;Issue State: Utah;Issue Date: Before 1951.

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. Social Security Death Index [database on-line]

O.K. This must be the correct Anders Nestor Nylund- too many to choose from!! :D


05-03-07, 20:11
I private messaged you addresses and phone numbers of maybe living relatives in Utah with the Nylund name.

Maybe one of them would have more info.


06-03-07, 20:31
Hi Denise,

Once again I thank you for all your efforts to help me out.

Today I visited some relatives to Nestor Nylund, they told me that he probably was a building site worker. He married a widow, her name was Sophia (she should have been from Vörå, Finland). She had a son from her first marriage. Maybe he was adopted by Nestor Nylund, and took his surname (and has some connections with the list you gave me in my "private messages").

IGI informs me of a Sophia Nylund, born 19 dec 1891, died in aug 1981 in Salt Lake City, Utah USA...this should be the same Sophia.

I saw pictures of Elisabet and her family, pictures from the early 50´s of at least three or four doughters and grandchildren, oldest doughter was said to be living in Chicago. No further info on Elisabet´s husbond...But they were both alive in the 1950´s.

One picture of Elisabet was taken at "Westberg 24-21st Ave.W Duluth, Minnesota". This picture was perhaps taken around 1905-10 (before childbirth I think). Another picture of Elisabet and her husbond only says "Barry" on from the same period. Perhaps "Barry" is the name of the studio where the picture was taken?

So...at least she ended up in Duluth, at least for a while...

Fredrik Eriksson

06-03-07, 20:44
Here is Sophia Nylund's S.S. Death Record, I'm still looking for more. Each clue gets us closer to finding Elisabet!!! :D


Social Security Death Index
Name: Sophia Nylund
SSN: 528-34-3690
Last Residence: 84104 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States of America
Born: 19 Dec 1891
Last Benefit: 84104 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States of America
Died: Aug 1981
State (Year) SSN issued: Utah (Before 1951 )

Source Citation: Number: 528-34-3690;Issue State: Utah;Issue Date: Before 1951.

14-03-07, 18:46
Hello all,

More traces of Elisabet...her sisters son Anders Nestor Nylund, his wife Sophia Nylund and her first husbond John Johnson are all buried in Bingham, Utah. Their gravestones are also out on the Internet (T.Nikus gave me that information).

When I found out that Sophia was from Vörå, Finland I also found her son (thanks to another researcher in Vörå O.Grims). His name is Arne Johnson b.1919, perhaps living in Salt Lake City. Johnson-how many million people might have that name in U.S?

I sent this ino to Denise in a private message-have you any possibilities to find out more??

If Arne is still alive-he might remember Elisabet´s family-I know they have met (based on sparce information from photo´s).

More clues-my grandfather Erik Eriksson lived on "776 N Laramie Ave" in Chicago, Ill. In 1952 there were a "Mrs Söderqvist" on same address-but who was she? No one seems to remember this...?

Hopefully someone could give me more information...

Fredrik Eriksson
Vörå, Finland

14-03-07, 19:14
Here is the 1920 Census for Arne Johnson in Salt Lake City, Utah that I private messaged you about.

Best Regards,

14-03-07, 21:49
I tried the Canadian site and it is very much like navigating that Finnish archives site. They seem to do their best keeping the dbase from online view. The two urls just led to info pages so not of much value.
Still I suppose one should realize governments manage to stick together and making information hard to find so if the person who did actually find actual passenger lists (not information about such lists :) please give us a step by step how to do it because I am just unable to fathom the Canadian place.
Chuck (inept with gov sites):o

14-03-07, 23:36
Hi Chuck,
I'm new to the site too, and find poking around was the only way I figured it out! :rolleyes: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/index-e.html

When you access the main screen, go to the top of the screen where it gives an an option to SEARCH and click it (in same block of options like "contact us, help, whats new" etc.), on the next screen that comes up, there will be a place about one-third down on the page which says ARCHIVES, click on it, and the next screen will have a list of databases. There you will find an IMMIGRATION 1925-1935 database, and PASSENGER LISTS 1865-1922. The passenger lists are not searchable by names, only by knowing the name of the ship, shipping line, date of departure, etc. After getting to the database page you select, press SEARCH. Here is an example of what the passenger list page looks like.

List of Research Tools
Passenger Lists

Online Help


Passenger Lists, 1865-1922
Enter one or more search terms:

Name of Ship:
Year of Arrival:
Port of Arrival:
Shipping Line:
Port of Departure:

Specific Date
Date of Departure (yyyy/mm/dd):
Date of Arrival (yyyy/mm/dd):
Number of references per page: 20 30 50

If you have some information, hopefully the year of immigration and a ship name, type those names in where indicated, hit SUBMIT, and then you will come up on the next screen where there will be a list of all ships that came in on that date, or by that name, or by the port, etc. Select the ship, and then when you get to the next screen which has detailed info. on the ship, click on VIEW IMAGE, on the left hand side. You will then come up with the actual passenger records, page by page. There is no way to enlarge the images, and many are blurred. The only way I just found my great-grandfather's name was to right-click on my mouse, save picture as, and then view it from your computer, such as windows, adobe, my pictures, whatever. At least then you can enlarge the image and decipher the names.

Here is an example of what my great-grandfather, Vuiktor Palmgren's, passenger record looked like, and there is no way I would have found him by name other than knowing who he travelled with. He is #14 on the list of names. Good Luck, the site is not fun, but I understand it is being transcribed, and then one will be able to search by name. (That's probably when it will become a PAY site! :mad: )

Don't hesitate to ask me if you have further questions.

Best Regards,

15-03-07, 02:01
I spelled my great- grandfather's name incorrectly in the last post, it is VIKTOR Palmgren. :o


11-07-08, 21:06
Dear Mtjipi:)
The SFHS will display an exhibit about Swedish Finns in Duluth July 23-27 2008 for the FinnFest there. Several persons have sent me information on relatives who lived in Duluth, photos of persons, homes in Finland, homes in Duluth et . I'm posting that material for visitors to the Tori to see. Perhaps someone will have further information.

If you send me you photo/s and info gathered thus far, I'll be glad to add it to the display.

email me:

Syrene Forsman

29-04-09, 08:26
Hello again,

now I´m doing another try in finding my grandfather´s older sister Elisabeth. Last time I got help from many helpful people on this forum, for example addresses to living people who might have some information. Unfortunately I couldn´t get in touch with them (U.S. postal service sent back my letters...).

Since last time I entered this forum I´ve found out some more information about my grandfather (Erik Eriksson 1897-1971). Now I hope some of you "over there" will help me out a little bit.

A) My grandfather lived on this address in Chicago (at least in the year of 1952, but probably many years before and after). 776 N Laramie Ave. in Chicago. On that address lived also a "mrs Soderquist", her name was Anna Soderquist (12aug1883-nov1968) and her husband Hugo Soderquist (21oct1877-dec1966), this couple lived on the same address until they passed away. I don´t think they were related to my grandfather, probably had Erik rented a room in the Soderquist house. Anna and Hugo did have children. In a letter from Anna to Erik in 1967 a "Sherley" is mentioned (probably a granddoughter). This "Sherley" had a son, which was born in 1966 and she was going to get marrried in 1967. The letter from Anna to Erik is written in swedish, but it´s clear that Anna must have been living in America for many years.

Do anyone have any additional information about the Soderquists?

B) My grandfather had a younger half-brother Victor Alexander who should have died in an accident in 1929. I have now found an article (in my grandfather´s belongings) from a Chicago newspaper that says:

Death of Victor A. Erickson.
Victor A. Erickson of 5522 Flournoy passed away Saturday, December 28. His death resulted from injuries recieved when he fell while employed on the Berwyn State bank under construction. He was taken to the Berwyn hospital where he passed away the same day. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon, December 31, at the residence. Interment was at Forest Home.

Mr. Erickson is survived by his wife, Mrs Eva Rhenborg Erickson, and three doughters, Mrs. Chestyn Miller, Lorraine and Gwendolyn Holmquest

I believe that this must be the same Victor (=Victor Alexander Backholm b.1902). It seems that the "three doughters" must have been Eva´s doughters from a previous marriage to a "unknown Holmquest", possibly dead already in 1929.

Do anyone have additional information of this family?

C) I have an address to a family in Chicago-area that I now know were friends to my grandfather. Their address I found via "The White Pages". It is promised that e-mail addresses are available too, but then I need to be a subscriber. Is there anyone on this forum that have the possibility to help me finding this e-mail address, then I could send you the information of the family I seek by a private message.

Fredrik Eriksson, Vörå, Finland