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28-02-07, 22:43

I have found an old card written to my great grandmother (Anna Lisa Kronkvist) who died in 1935 in Pedersöre, Dalabäck. The person who sent it was Selma Johnson in Hancock, Michigan. They seemed to be close friends because she called Anna Lisa a "Sister and friend in the Lord", but I do not have any idea of who she was. Is there any possibility to check US Census and see if this lady and her family can be found?

I attach the front side of the card. The backside was full written with her message, but no date or place except what can be found on this attachment.


01-03-07, 00:58
found at Swenson 230 = Michigan, Houghton County, Hancock, Salem Lutheran
230 12h Gabriel Johanson Henrikson Jun 23 1880 Taklax Korsnäs unk
230 12w Selma Johnson Kronquist Nov 1 1885 Kållby Pedersöre unk

found at Swenson 235 = Michigan, Houghton County, Calumet, Faith Lutheran
235 c96h Erik Johnson Oct 24 1879 Oravais Kimo un
235 c96w Selma Nov 1 1885 Pedesöre Kållby unk

well, both Selma's with the same birthdate and place in Finland. Be nice if she were yours.


William Dahlin
01-03-07, 03:30
Hello Christian,

1920 USA Census found the following persons.

Wm Henry Johnson born Michigan, Age 26 abt 1894
Selma Mari Johnson born Michigan Age 24 b abt 1896
Oscar Eugene Johnson 1 7/12 about 1918-1919

Selma Johnson born 29 Mar 1909
Died Jul 1974
Place of death Hancock, Houghton, Michigan

01-03-07, 11:21

Thanks Chuck! It seems that you have the right woman. Selma and Anna Lisa lived as neighbours in Dalabäck before Selma emigrated to USA in 1901. I did not recognize first that her name could have been Kronquist.

But I don't know why she had two husbands?

Selma had a sister Maria who also emigrated to Calumet, Michigan 1893 and had a family there.


01-03-07, 15:26
Glad she is a fit. The Kronqvist name is listed as an other name but wasn't listed as a född name. When it is such, I would write f. ahead of the name or o.s. or s. if it is a Finnish speaking church. Next time I get back to Swenson, I will check this more closely for you.

01-03-07, 16:57
Yes, her birthdate was also right. The familyname Kronqvist was a little bit strange. I have thought that only my grandmother's ancestors used it, but now I know that the neighbours also did. They were ancestor's of Bert's wife.

I am excited about theese old pictures that I have found in my great aunt's shoe box. They bring up much information about their lives long ago. I still have some pictures that I have not been able to identify, but perhaps...

I will be off the line for some days because of the Vasaloppet ski race (it is my 9th).

See you later!


07-03-07, 17:47
I am trying to post a scan of the Calumet and Hancock church pages but so far I am not successful. We recently changed to dsl so maybe our new address is not cleared with sfhs.
I can say that Selma was first married to Erik Johnson f. Oravais, Kimmo village on Oct 24, 1879 - he died at Calumet Mar 11, 1911 and in August 1911, she moved to Hancock where she married Gabriel Johanson Henrikson of Taklax Korsnas, f. June 23 1880. There are 4 children which are all hers of the first marriage and none listed for the second marriage. In Hancock, her birth name is shown as Kronquist in parentheses)
d: Adelia, f. Calumet, MI March 27 1905
s: Albert Harald, f. Calumet, MI Sep 1, 1906
d. Judith Viola, f. Calumet, MI Dec 30 1907, died Sep 18, 1911
d. Elvira Elisabeth, f. Calumet, MI Apr 13, 1910

They apparently went back to Calumet Oct 15, 1914.
I can send you the cuttings for these families - just give me your postal address in a PM.

08-03-07, 18:46
At Calumet church I found:
on page 65 of book two
Johan Edvard Michaelson, f. May 13 1876 at Oravais and wife
Maria Sofia, f. April 3, 1875 at Jakobstads landsförs.
3 kids but you will see who they are when the post reaches you.
btw, I found a Katarina Kronqvist, f. 1800 at Pedorsöre who emigrated 1899. Any chance she is also yours? If so, I will delay the post until I get that info.

08-03-07, 19:27
Hello again!

Your are fantastic! This is surely Maria's husband which was on the picture with their first two daughters.

Maria and Selma also had two more sisters who emigrated to America. Due to Bert Lindvall's information they both emigrated 28 May 1894. Their names are:

Augusta Kronqvist, b. 23 Sep 1876
Katarina Kronqvist, b. 17 Nov 1880

So you are completely right, Katarina was also from this family. I have no more information about them, but on a picture from the same collection I have 3 beautiful ladies in Chicago. I have been wondering if they perhaps could be Maria's three sisters; Selma, Augusta and Katarina.

I can put the picture here...

There were also a picture of a couple from Chisholm and the lady looked a lot like these three beauties.


08-03-07, 21:47
At Swenson 230 = Michigan, Houghton County, Hancock, Salem Lutheran
230 13h Karl Johan Lindblom Karlson Mar 18 1871 Taklax Korsnäs 1893
230 13w Katarina Kronquist 1880 Kållby Pedersöre 1899
I found Katarina at Calumet but it appears she was also in Hancock :)
Here she is at Calumet church:
235 b55h Carl Johan Lindblom Carlson Mar 18 1871 Korsnäs 1893
235 b55w Katarina f. Kronquist 1880 Pedersöre 1899
and at Swenson 232 = Michigan, Baraga County, Baraga Zion Lutheran
232 1h John Lindblom Mar 18 1871 Korsnäs 1894
232 1w Katarina Nov 18 1880 Pedersöre unk
and Augusta:
232 1h John Beck Nov 5 1874 Närpes 1892
232 1w Augusta Sep 21 1876 Pedersöre 1894
All sisters very close to each other because Baraga and Houghton Counties adjoin each other. I've been into those places many times.
I guess it's another trip to Swenson for me :D