View Full Version : Anna Mickelson 1903???

Karen Norwillo
01-03-07, 17:12
This photo was found among my aunts possessions after she died last year.
Does anyone recognize this lady. Anna Mickelson 1903 was written on it, but it also said Mrs. Peter Langsea. If this is Anna Lovisa Långsjö-Hjulfors, her patronymic would be Pettersdotter or Pehrsdotter. Comparing her with a family photo of the Langsea/Långsjå family, it doesn't look like her to me.

01-03-07, 19:58
Hi you have some problem with the jpg-file
Henrik Mangs

01-03-07, 22:55
Is there more to the name of the photography studio ? (lower right corner)

Karen Norwillo
02-03-07, 16:06
Unfortunately, I don't have the original photo. It's a copy emailed to me by my cousin. I'll ask her to take a good shot of the corner to see if we can get the photography studio name. I tried blowing up the corner, but couldn't make out anything.

Karen Norwillo
05-03-07, 16:39
What it says in the bottom right corner is:

J P Aaberg 1322 Pacific Ave. Tacoma