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Lars Pada
07-03-07, 21:05
Signe Maria Nasman (Pada) 10/05/1901 to 08/02/1970 was sister to Johan August Pada March 11, 1904 to Oct. 27,1967 of Korsholm Vasa, Helsingby. Signe was Daughter of Father Edvard Pada and Mother Ulrika Berg.of Vasa Helsingby. Signe had some family that I am not sure of the connection to: Evert, Karin, Sanfrid, Lars and Ruth.

Olga Irene Ronnqvist (Granholm) 07/05/ 1906 to 09/09/ 1961 was sister to Anna Alice Pada (Granholm) February 4,1909 to Dec 14,1992, of Vasa, Vikby. Olga's parents were Father John Evard Andersson Granholm and Mother Anna Maria Johansdotter( Tatting???? or Martin???)

I would like to make connection to any living relatives in these two families.

Lars Pada, son of Johan August Pada and Anna Alice Granholm.

Gunnel S
08-03-07, 19:40
Anders Israelsson Granholm, b. 5.3.1846
wife: Maria Lisa Johan-Eriksdotter, b. 3.6.1848, d. 3.2.1913
1) Karolina Andersdotter, b. 22.12.1869
2) Johan Edvard, b. 20.4.1871
Married to Maria from Sundom.
Children: Evert, Jenny, Olga and Alice
3) Alfred Andersson, b. 5.10.1873
Married to Edla Kull from Helsingby
(Children: Hugo, Signe, Ellen, Verner och Anselm)
4) Erik Herman Andersson, b. 27.11.1875
Married to Lovisa Kniper
5) Vendla Sofia Andersdotter, b. 13.5.1879
Married to Alfred Kull från Helsingby
Children: Einar, Edvin, Ester

Maybe I find more information for you.


Gunnel S
08-03-07, 19:49
Johan Edvard Andersson, b. 20.4.1871 in Vikby, d. 1.6.1945
wife: Anna Maria Johansdotter Martin, b. 17.7.1871 in Sundom, d. 26.4.1933
1) Johan Evert, b. 27.3.1895 in Vikby. d. 18.12.1956
2) Arthur Arvid, b. 18.11.1896 in Vikby, d. 5.8.1917
3) Jenny Maria, b. 21.1.1899 in Vikby, d. 21.8.1979. Unmarried.
4) Olga Irene, b. 7.5.1906 in Vikby, d. 9.9.1961
Married to August Ivar Rönnqvist, f. 13.5.1895 in Sundom,
5) Anna Alice, b. 4.2.1909 in Vikby. To Canada 1929


Lars Pada
09-03-07, 03:50
Hello Gunnel
My name is Lars August Pada, I am the remaining son of Anna Alice Granholm and Johan August Pada. Thank you for the information about the Granholm family. If it is possible, I would like to known if Olga Irene Granholm and August Ivar Ronnqvist had any children, if they are alive or if there may have been any grandchildren who might be alive today. Olga Irene was my Aunt so her children would be of interest to me and my children.

I would also like to trace the possible children of Signe Maria Pada through her daughter Karin Nasman. Signe was my father's sister, my father being Johan August Pada of Helsinby, born in March 1909.

Thank you for your assistance
Lars Pada

Gunnel S
09-03-07, 22:16
Hello Lars

I will do my best to find some information to you.