View Full Version : Eldora,Glenn,Helen and Irene,mother's maiden name Kokko

10-03-07, 15:59
We are looking for our relatives from USA.
We have 4 pictures of children.
Their names are ELDORA, GLENN, HELEN and IRENE. Their mother's maiden name was KOKKO.
They are born about 1900-1950 in USA and they are children of our grandfather' sister.
Our grandfather had 2 sisters, those who moved to the USA. And either of them was mother of these children.
1. Kaisa Juhontytär KOKKO, born 30.June 1871, Finland
moved to the USA,New York 27.August 1892.
2. Anna-Greeta(Kreeta) Juhontytär KOKKO, born 15.August 1882, Finland
moved to the USA,Minnesota, Minneapolis 27. April 1901.
We don't know other of them. If You know anything of them Please let me know!