View Full Version : I am fooking for descendant of Hilda and Oskar Rajamaki.

Jorma Penttinen
18-03-07, 15:35
I am fooking for descendant of Hilda and Oskar Rajamaki. they were born in Finland. Hilda died in Trout Greek in 1912 and Oskar died in 1934 in Paynesville, Michigan and they had children;
daughter Hulda was born Nov. 3th, 1888 died 1972 in Eveleth, Minnesota, her husband was Frank Viktor Kallio.
Son Johan Rajamaki was born July 27th,1891 died 1976 in Trout Greek in Michigan, he got married Lillian Ojala.
Son Nicholas Rajamäki was born Dec. 2nd, 1898 died 1969 in Trout Greek in Michigan, he got married Margaret Ojala.
Daughter Helen Maki was born Jan. 7th, 1908 died 1989 in Eveleth, Minnesota, she got married Lauri Jacob Salmi.
Son Anselmi Rajamäki was born 1901 died Paynesville, Michigan, he got married Lyyli Sophia Koski.
My search is: they have children and now grandchildren too.(Grandchilden are my father's second cousins) I try to get contact to them, but I have no names. If some one knows about them I am thankful for any kind of information. Please use my email or my private post

Karen Norwillo
18-03-07, 21:27
Looks like at least Nicholas and John (Johan) used Maki. I found both with their families in Trout Creek, Ontonagon, MI 1930 census on the same page.

Maki, Nicholas, 30, married at 24, Finn, foreman lumber camp
Maki, Margaret, 24, married at 18, MI, parents Finn
children: Hjordis, 5, MI, Lillian 3 4/12, MI and Bettie 9/12, MI

Maki, John, 37, m 33, Finn, laborer lumber wood
Maki, Lillian, 25, m 20, MI, parent Finn
children: Lawrence 4, MI, Joyce 2, MI and ?Marjorie or Margaret <1, MI

WWI Draft Reg. Nicholas Maki 1 Dec 1899, Finland, Trout Creek, MI. Father Oscar Maki

Karen Norwillo
18-03-07, 23:32
MN Death Index has Helen M Salmi born 9 Jan 1908, died 2 Feb 1989 in Eveleth. She is also found as Helen Louise Salmi, same DOB.
Lauri J Salmi 16 May 1896, died 24 May 1980, St Louis cty, MN Mother's maiden name Tumminki. WWI Draft has him born Isokyro, Finland. He was a locomotive fireman for Olson Iron Mine Co in Eveleth.
MI Death Index has Anselm H Maki, 22 Jun 1901- 10 Jun 1972 Ontonagon, MI. Residence Stannard, MI.

Jorma Penttinen
19-03-07, 18:47
Karen, Thank you very much for informatoin.