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23-03-07, 14:52
Pallari, Parilla, Hiltunen, Hirvilammi


searching for info on:
Olaf Pekka Pallari: B.28, Oct. 1853, Rovaniemi Immigrated in 1905 from Tana to Michigan, USA. Married to Grega Gustava Pyhajarvi: b. 27, Feb 1855.

Isak Abraham Parilla: B. 10, December 1874, Oulu Immigrated 1892 to New York. Married to Kaisa Partanen: b. 4, July 1873. She and son Kalle immigrated on 2 Dec. 1900 on SS St Louis to Calumet, MI, USA

Job Hiltunen: B. April 23, 1857, my records show Soulanka which someone said doesn't exist anymore. He immigrated to Michigan, USA in 1888. He was married to a Kreeta Heikkinen B: June 3, 1861.

Taneli Matinpoikka Hirvilammi: B. October 10, 1817, D. Sept. 4, 1888 in Ylistaro (which someone said doesn't exist anymore). Married Maria Matindtr. Heikkila B. Aug. 27, 1819, D. Mar. 18, 1900, also in Ylistaro.

Taneli's grandson, Jaakko Hirvilammi, B. October 22, 1883 D. Feb. 18, 1953, in Mohawk, MI, USA. Jaakko married Elizabeth J. Lampi, B. Dec. 9, 1887, in Mohawk, MI. USA and D. Oct. 17, 1958, in Mohawk, MI. USA

23-03-07, 18:00
Hi Marlene,
I have about 50 Hirvilammis from Ylistaro in my files but unfortunately not yours. Members of my family have lived in a croft called Miilumäki of the farm in the early 1900th century but I don´t think we are related because my family just adopted the name after moving from another farm and then became something else again after moving away.
Ylistaro does exist very much still and the farm of Hirvilammi is located near the border to Nurmo. You can see the place here: http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/linkki?text=Hirvilammi+&scale=16000&y=6978095&x=2439191&lang=en-GB
I wonder if this family might originally come from Nurmo. In the Hiski database I found this wedding in Nurmo:
27.9.1840 tp:s: Daniel Mattss: YliMartila p. Maria Mattsdr Heickilä
tp:s: means crofter´s son and p. is for maid.
This might be Maria´s birth record in Seinäjoki:
b. 27..1819 bapt. 29.8.1819 place: Heikkilä ld: Matts Henriks dr Lisa Andens 29 child: Maria
Seinäjoki was formerly a village of Nurmo, then became an independent parish and is now a small town.

This is, of course, just guesswork but the places are so close to each other it might be a match.

Good luck to your research!

23-03-07, 21:24
I believe the Daniel (Taneli)Mattss and Maria Mattsdr Heikkila are definitely part of the family. Thank you for your search. Could you explain a "croft" and a "farm" for me. We hope to visit Finland again in the fall and some of this information will be most helpful.

24-03-07, 17:41
Hi Marlene,
Read here for details of Finnish land owning and explanations of different terms: