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30-03-07, 08:23
Johan August Tideman born 1965 ín Sweden married 1895 Lovisa Johannesdotter Rengo born 1864-10-06 in Kauhava. They emigrated to North America in 1895 together with Lovisas two small daugthers.
They arrived USA 20 April 1895 onboard M/S Etruria.
I need help to find where they settled and if the family still exist in Canada/USA.
Need all possible help-


Karen Norwillo
30-03-07, 17:33
I looked at the 1895 arrival of the Etruria and the Johan Tideman arriving alone, age 30, doesn't indicate if married, says from Finland, going to NY. There is no family with him.
I found a Lousia Tideman and two children arriving 10 Aug 1895 on the Gallia to Boston harbor, age 30, housewife, from Kaliavalta, Finland, going to husband in Tremont, Mass. Husband's name given as ?(initial) Tideman, but the initial is definitely not a J. Children's names are Heikki, age 5 and Mikki, age 1.

30-03-07, 19:31
You probably already have this information but I´ll post it anyway, to avoid everyone checking it up themselves.
This is the passport record for Johan August:
Last name Tideman
First names Johan August
Other names *
Date of birth . .1865
Marital status *
Religion *
Occupation Työläinen (labourer )
Home parish Mustasaari (Korsholm in Swedish )
Province VAA
Passport date 21.03.1895
Passport number 190
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by VAA
Remarks Sj vaimo ja 2 lasta. ( In Finland stay a wife and 2 children )

No passport record for Lovisa and no passenger records for either.

The birth record of Lovisa from Hiski:
6.10.1864 9.10.1864 Rengo Bonden Johan Gustafsson Mariana Johansdotter 30-35 Lovisa

I also suggest the surname is Renko, not Rengo. These old records have old-fashioned name variations like Rengo, not used today.


31-03-07, 09:09
Karen! Thank you very much. Yes this is the correct ones and correspond with my information. Now I need some help to find them in USA or Canada as I do not know where they ended up. That some spelling or initials is wrong is very common in different emigration documents for other people. You have found the right one.

31-03-07, 09:13
Thank you Merja,
This was a new document for me.
For her parents I have the names Johannes Kustaanpoika Renko and Juhontytär Finnilä Mariana. Is this the same as you have but in finnish?
Now I "only" need help to find them somewhere in North America

31-03-07, 09:38
Yes, the names of the parents you had are in Finnish but the church records for that period in Kauhava are still in Swedish, thus the Swedish name forms in the records.

31-03-07, 15:56
Tack Marja!
Is it possible to find one more generation back? The parents of Lovisas mother and father? Is the churchrecords available online? Where to look?

31-03-07, 17:17
Sure, finding parents and a few more generations back is usually the easiest thing once you have access to the church books. In this case that is not possible online. There is a project of putting all Finnish church records online in www.digiarkisto.org but there are no Kauhava records there yet.

You have three options:
Order the microfilms to your nearest LDS Family history center and check them up yourself.
Contact the parish of Kauhava for them. Be prepared to wait for a considerable period.
Find a volunteer to do the look-up.
I could probably do a small look-up when I next go to the regional archives but they only have Kauhava church books to 1846, not earlier. My paternal family comes from Kauhava and I actually have quite a few persons called Renko in my files but not yours. If you are prepared to wait for a few weeks, I could probably find you her parents and siblings, possibly also grandparents. Church records in Kauhava area go to mid 1600´s and I´ve been able to follow my own ancestors back to these records in most cases. People who owned their own farms are easier to follow than hired farm-workers and maids who used to move around quite a bit.

There is one thing in this couple that makes me wonder a bit: Why did a definitely Finnish speaking farmer´s daughter from Kauhava marry a man who moved to Vaasa area from Sweden? There must be a story behind this...The distance is not that huge but the language barrier is. I could understand them marrying in America but in Finland it is more unlikely.