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18-04-07, 21:56

I have a question about descendants to Anders Johansson Drycksbäck, b. 5 dec 1837 in Drycksbäck, Terjärv.

He was married (at least) two times. First with Anna Andersdotter Fröjdö from Kronoby, second time with Greta Johanna Henriksdotter Hästbacka. All this through information from Talko Genealogy.

The children that I found on Talko Genealogy were:
1. Johan Wiktor Andersson Drycksbäck, b. 1862 with a lot of offsprings
2. Maria Sofia Andersdotter Drycksbäck, b. 1865 also with a lot of offsprings

Some days ago Mr. John Anderson in USA told me that his grandfather was a child in this same family. His name was:
3. Anders William Drycksbäck-Anderson, b.1867.

One more brother can be found on Talko:
4. Alexander Andersson Drycksbäck, b. 1869, also with a lot of offsprings

But John also mentioned Fredrik and Otto, some of them are half-siblings. These people can't be found as I see. Has anybody information about them.


June Pelo
19-04-07, 01:43

I happen to have an Anders Andersson Nabbala-Andersson, b. 6 May 1867 in Karleby, died 2 Nov 1936, North Bend, Oregon, married 1895 to Hilda Hagqvist. But your Drycksbäck family was from Terjärv, so I don't think there is a connection.

Why don't you ask John Anderson for more information about Fredrik and Otto.


19-04-07, 06:59
It's for him I am trying to complete the database. He did not know more about them.