View Full Version : High School Grad??

22-05-07, 16:47
I was sent this picture from the son-in-law of my Great-Aunt Hulda Snabb. It is believed to be her High School Graduation picture, so around 1919?? She was from Björköby in 1904.

Does anyone know if this is a Graduation picture or something else? Do you recognize anyone else in the picture? I thought the man in the very front looked like a priest or minister.

22-05-07, 20:16
Oops, just realized I didn't put where she was:

2nd row from the bottom - 7th girl in from the right side.

23-05-07, 10:04
The picture you have attached is not from a high school grad, it is from the confirmation of the youngsters (ab. 15 years old) in Björköby. My son-in-law is from Björköby so I can ask his mother if she recognizes anyone else in the picture.

23-05-07, 14:23
Thank you. I didn't think it was a High School Graduation picture.