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Karen K
04-06-07, 23:46
Hi, I'm attempting to find some information for another researcher. I looked in Hiski and Disbyt for Sweden but didn't see anything I could actually connect. Maybe someone out there has something on this family or some ideas of where else to look?

About all the info I have is Johan Peter Fraki Born 1862 Sweden.

Johan Fraki Born 1849 in Sweden of Finnish Parents.

Isaac Fraki Born 1863 in Finland....Perhaps in Kukkola ?

Johan Eriksson or Fraki Born Aug. 22, 1849 ...Kukkola?

Also a mention of a Karl Gustav.... of Norrbotten, Sweden

I understand that some of this info came from the L.D.S. site. In the sites I checked I didn't find ANY Fraki names. I also looked under Eriksson but didn't have enough info to connect anyone although there were a few possibilities. Johan's wifes name was probably Sofia or Sophia. Not much to go on but ...... Thanks in advance !!

June Pelo
05-06-07, 00:45
There's a query about Johan Petter Eriksson Fräki, b. 1862, here by Ulf Bjuhr:


Karen K
12-06-07, 23:01
HI.... Thank you June for the information on Fraki. I passed it on to the other researcher along with a couple other things I found. Hopefully it will help him find the family. Thank you again Karen

19-06-07, 21:32
With the help you have given and with an e mail from Ulf and a listing on family search. I have this information
Isaac Henriksson Fräki
wife Brita
Children Isak Isaksson Fräki 1815
Erik Isaksson Fräki 1818
I have no birth date for Isaac or anything that says the two boys were brothers. just that one person said they were. can anyone find the two boys listed as brothers on anything and that Isak is thier father.
Isak of 1815
had Erik Fraki 1839 who in turn had Johan Peter Fraki 1862 who lived in New York Mills Minn.

Erik of 1818
Had Johan Erik Fraki 1849 who lived in New York Mills Minn
so Johan Peter and Johan Erik would have been cousins
Johan Erik also lived in Michigan before moving to Minnesota. In the Calumet and Copper harbor area.
If anyone can find a record that Isak and Erik were brother I would like to have it

Karen Norwillo
21-06-07, 19:09
This is going to be a long post. I found multiple Fräki families in the 1900 Swedish Census. I will give you all the Eriksson Fräki listed.

Isak Eriksson Fräki
b.1848 in Karl Gustav, Norrbottens län
man, married, father
Kukkola, this is residence in 1900

Brita Johanna Kattilavaara
b. 1849 K G, I'll abbreviate from here
woman, wife, mother

Hanna Maria 1877 K G
Leo 1882 K G
Karl Sakarias 1887 K G
Ester Vilhelmina 1891 K G

Sakarias Eriksson Fräki
1861 K G
Kukkola På byns gemensamma mark
Kajsa Matilda
1861 Karunge, Finland
Axel Hjalmar 1888 K G
Fanny Regina 1890 K G
Hulda Jemina Katarina 1893 K G
Leo Erik Bernhard 1895 K G
Arne Valdemar 1898 K G
Helny Adriana 1900 K G

Johanna Isaksdotter Fräki
1860 in K G
woman, single
Öfre Wojakkala Karsikko No.1, Nedertorneå, Norrbottens län
She has 7 children
Emma Kristina 1885
Nanna Maria 1888
Hulda Evelina 1890
Naemi 1893
Hilja 1897
Mia 1899
Oskar 1900 -all born in Nedertorneå

Erik Isaksson Fräki
1818 K G
Kukkola På byns
Anna Evasdotter Fräki
1883 K G
Å forsmlingen skrifne
absent when registering

Hanna Maria Isaksdotter Fräki
1877 in K G
Kiruna, Jakkosjärvi, Norrbottens län, Lappland

There are several other Fräki listed and I will post them if interested.

21-06-07, 19:54
Thank You very much Karen. I would be interested in any Fraki's you can find if you have time. this info you sent is very helpful

Karen Norwillo
21-06-07, 22:22
Robin and Karen K and Denise,
Here's what I found on Genline. GID: 1982.4.62700 Kukkola, Karl Gustav, Norrbotten, pg. 182
These are Household Rolls 1886-1895 and show much of the Fräki family on one page.
Zacharias Eriksson Fräki 1861 8/1, married 1887 6/11
Kajsa Mathilda 1861 2/8
Axel Hjalmar 1888 11/5
Fanny Regina 1890 13/10
Hulda Jemina Katharina 1893 24/2
Leo Erik Bernhard 1895 17/4
Isak Eriksson Fräki 1848 23/5, married 1875 2/5
Brita Johanna Kattilavarra 1849 18/4 If her name is from a place, the closest I found was a Kattilasaari in K G.
Johan Erik 1875 7/8
Hanna Maria 1877 5/1
Leo 1882 14/2
Karl Zakarias 1887 21/2
Esther Wilhelmina 1891 18/1
August 1889 1/11 died 1889 2?/12

Johan Erik Fräki emigrated to N.Amerika 1892 July

Eric Isaksson Fräki was born 1818 13/1 to Isak Fräki and Brita Cajsa Ersdotter in Kukkola. GID:1982.13.88000
Isak Eriksson was born 1848 23/5 in Fräki, Kukkola to Erik ? and Eva ?. I couldn't read their patronymics. You'll notice Fräki was a place name.GID: 1982.24.29000
Sakarias/Zakarias Eriksson was born 1861 8/1 to Erik and Eva in Fräki. GID: 1982.24.97800
Brita Cajsa Ersdotter born 1779, widowed in 1841, married in 1800. Isak Fräki was born 1769. There is an Isak Isaksson born 1815 in same family as Erik 1818.
These particular records are quite hard to read in the early years. Kukkola is also found as Kukola.

Here are the other Fräki found on the 1900 census.

Häggberg, Karl Fredik
1854 Nedertorneå
man,married, father
Wuono, NT, Norrbotten
Maria Johansdotter Fräki
1858 NT
woman, married, mother
Karl Johan 1880
Gustav Fredrik 1883
Amalia 1885
Leonard 1887
Erik Oskar 1891
Ida Katarina 1894
Signe Sofia 1898 all born NT

Eufrosyne Fräki 1853 in Finland single woman Finska Wuono, NT, Norrbotten

Axel Erik Ek
1874 in Haparanda, NT, Norrbotten
living at No. 50 1/2 Haparanda
Greta Kajsa Fräki
1874 Finland woman. married, mother
Bror Axel Egon Ek
1900 in Haparanda, boy child

This is all the Fräki I found.

22-06-07, 05:33
Hi Karen,
Thank-you so much for all the information! I truly appreciate the time you've taken to help Robin and I on our quest to find the connection between the Finnish and Swedish Fräki's. You've been so very helpful. :D

Thank-you again,
Warm Regards,

Karen Norwillo
22-06-07, 06:06
GID:1982.13.84700 Isaac born Apr 19,1815 to Isaac Henricsson Fräki and Brita Cajsa Ersdotter in Kukkola.
GID: 1982.5.26600 Fräki, Kukkola, K G
Isak ?Henricsson 1769
Brita Cajsa Ersdotter 1779, married 1800, widowed 1841
Isak Isaksson 1815
Maria Ersdotter 1814, married 1838, died 1844
Johan Petter 1837 14/4, died Jan 1839
Eric 1839 5/4
Brita Caisa Henrksdotter 1815, married Isak Isaksson in 1845 22/12 after Maria died
Eva Greta 1845 13/12 found in another roll as Eva Margareta
Maria Catharina 1846 17/11 or 27/11
Isak 1848 3/3, notation died *
Eric Isaksson 1818 13/1
Eva ? 1825 13/3
Isak 1848 23/5

*next household roll has two more children for Isak and Brita Caisa
Josephina 1849 20/6
Isak 1854 2/12

Unless you have some specific questions, that's all for now. Karen

Karen Norwillo
22-06-07, 16:29
Just one more observation. As I was searching these Fräki names in Kukkola and Nedertorneå, I noticed that most of the farm names had very Finnish spellings. Fräki is found in the earliest household rolls as a place name- 1784 is the first available. Norrbotten and Lappland are aside each other. Looks like many Finns came to this area in Sweden.

23-06-07, 04:46
Dear Karen,
Wow! You're awesome! :D Thank-you so much. I haven't had much time to check it all out yet, (with work always in my way) but it seems there has to be a connection between them!


Karen Norwillo
23-06-07, 21:49
I want to make an addendum to the 1900 Census info for Johanna Isaksdotter Fräki. I didn't slide the arrow back far enough on the results that came up. She was living on the farm of Erik Abraham Abramsson Mörtberg and his wife Kristina Erika Persdotter Juuso. All those children belonged to them as well as two more and three that died, which I found on the 1887-1896 household rolls.
So Johanna didn't have all those kids. She was probably there as a helper. With a family that size, Kristina needed help.

Karen K
24-06-07, 21:19
Hi... It looks like things are starting to fall into place for you. Am glad to see that... I don't know if you have the following info but I happened to come across it so.... In the Minnesota Historical Society Death Certificate Index I found JOHN PETER FRAKI died April 25, 1944 Ottertail County, Mn. They also have a lot of older birth records at the same site. If you haven't looked at it you might find something of interest. Good Luck in your search !!!! Karen K.

24-06-07, 22:45
More! :D


Have you seen this before, Robin? I have years ago, but never checked further on it.