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08-06-07, 20:57
In a query to SFHS a person in Finland is searching for the family of Anna Erik-Gustafsdotter gift Jakobsson. born 17/5/1850 in Larsmo. Emigrated to USA 7/8/1903. Daughter Selma Katarina Jacobsson born 16/4/1883 in Sweden. To USA 7/5/1900. Daughter Ida Karolina Jakobsson born 13/12/1885 in Sweden. To USA 18/4/1902. Son Karl Emil Jakobson born 5/3/1889 in Jeppo, Finland. To USA 7/8/1903. It is believed that they went to San Bernardino, California. The searcher would like to find descendents if possible. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

09-06-07, 13:52
from HISKI:
17.5.1850 19.5.1850 Slussnäs Bd.s. Erik Gust. Andersson Greta Lisa Johansdotter 31 Anna

this is your Anna at Larsmo so her född name in those days was likely Erik-Gustafsdotter as you give it. I am just putting this up to assist others who do better with the net than I.

09-06-07, 20:13

There is an WWI draft regristration card for Karl E Jacobson born the 5 of mars 1889 in Nykarleby Finland. He is living at 2005 Bloomington ave in Minneapolis Minnesota . He is a missionary and he is married.He´s got blue eyes and brown hair.

Social security death index about Carl Jacobson
Name Carl Jacobson
SSN 568-07-6881
Last Residence 92402 San Bernadino, San Bernadino, California United States of America
Born 5 mars 1889
Died June 1970
State (Year ) SSN Issued California (before 1951)

MVH Kerstin

10-06-07, 12:45
The birth year matches on this one for Ida Karolina, but immigration date does not. She was a cook, going to a friend's, Aug. Paulson, in what appears to be "Land" Michigan. I have no idea where that is, and I live in Michigan. I'll keep looking.


New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Name: Ida Karolina Jacobson
Arrival Date: 3 Oct 1914
Estimated birth year: abt 1885
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Ethnicity/Race/Nationality: Scandinavian
Ship Name: Campania
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Nativity: Sweden
Line: 26
Microfilm Serial: T715
Microfilm Roll: T715_2374
Birth Location: Sweden
Birth Location Other: klinte
Page Number: 79

Source Citation: Year: 1914; Microfilm serial: T715; Microfilm roll: T715_2374; Line: 26; .

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

Rodney K. Hasting
10-06-07, 19:43
Hi, maybe some help? I looked at Familysearch.org, and their information.
Ida Jacobson
Birth date: 6 Mar 1885
Death date: Jul 1976
Social Security #474-58-0162
State where issued: Minnesota
Zip: 56515
Localities: Amor, Otter Tail, Minnesota, and Battle Lake, Otter Tail, Minnesota.
Did she move from Michigan?

Carl Jacobson
Birth date: 5 Mar 1889
Death date Jun 1970
Social Security #568-07-6881
State where issued: California
Localities: San Bernardino, California
Hope any information helps, Rodney K. Hasting

11-06-07, 03:13
Here is another Ida Jacobson. Quite a common name and none that matches exact month and day of birth, but the year is 1885.


Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002
Name: Ida Jacobson
Birth Date: 19 Feb 1885
Death Date: 24 Jan 1971
Death County: Ramsey
State file number: 004980
Certificate Number: 004980
Certificate Year: 1971
Record Number: 1801424

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002

11-06-07, 03:18
Here is a Minnesota Census for an Ida Jacobson.


Minnesota Territorial and State Censuses, 1849-1905
Name: Ida Jacobson
Census Date: 1895
County: Chippewa
Locality: Stoneham
Birth Location: Minn U.S.
Gender: Female
Estimated birth year: abt 1885
Race: White
Line: 18
Roll: V290_53

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. Minnesota Territorial and State Censuses, 1849-1905

11-06-07, 03:21
Just realized that previous Ida in the census was born in Minnesota.


11-06-07, 03:27
Here is the 1930 Census for an Ida C. Jacobson. The "C" could be Carolina instead of Karolina. This must be the Ida that Rodney found the death record for on Familysearch. (Good job, Rodney!)


1930 United States Federal Census
Name: Ida C Jacobson
Home in 1930: Battle Lake, Otter Tail, Minnesota
Age: 45
Estimated birth year: abt 1885
Birthplace: Minnesota
Relation to Head of House: Head
Race: White


Military Service:
Ida C Jacobson 45
Ethel M Jacobson 21
Ernest B Jacobson 19
Lilly A Jacobson 18
Theodore V Jacobson 10
La Verne M Jacobson 7

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Battle Lake, Otter Tail, Minnesota; Roll: 1111; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 4; Image: 38.0.

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. 1930 United States Federal Census

11-06-07, 03:47
Hi again,
The previous Ida "C" in the 1930 Census was born in Minnesota and her parents in Denmark. Soooo, again we have the wrong Ida! :mad:


Karen Norwillo
11-06-07, 17:06
I found a SSDI record for a Carl Jacobson with a matching birthdate in San Bernardino, CA died June 1970.
Here's a possible 1930 census for him in Pasadena, CA. Emigration date matches as well as age, but says from Sweden. If his sisters were all born in Sweden and the family spoke Swedish, that's not uncommon to say you were Swedish. There are 2 more children on the next page. Bert V age 7, born CA. and Edith G age 4, also CA. I found birthdates for both of these on the CA Birth Index. Bert V 13 Apr 1922 and Edith 15 Dec 1925. Both say mmn Dotter. Maybe Emma was ?dotter. I can't figure out where Rodger was born.

Ingemar Ekman
11-06-07, 22:28
I found the family on the CD Emibas when they emigrated to USA and they
moved out from Valknytt, Skön, Västernorrlands län (Medelpad), Sweden

Selma Katarina born 16/4 1883 in Skön, Västernorrlands län (Medelpad)
Emigrated 7/5 1900

Ida Karolina born 13/12 1885 in Skön, Västernorrlands län (Medelpad)
Emigrated 18/4 1902

Karl Emil born 5/3 1889 i Jeppo Finland
Emigrated 6/8 1903 together with the mother Anna Jakobsson, born 17/5 1850 in Jeppo, Finland

Source: Husförhörslängd, page 734
Emibas emigrationsakt: Skön Y 1900 007

The CD of Swedish Population 1900 has this information
Jakobsson, Anna arb.hustru
b 1850 in Jeppo Finland
Gift kvinna, mor i familjen (married woman, mother in the family
finsk und. ( Finnish citizen)
Skönsbergs municepaldistrikt
Skön (Västernorrlands län, Medelpad)
mannen på okänd ort ( her husband on unknown place)
Ida Karolina and Karl Emil is also recorded in the family on this CD
for year 1900. I tried to find them on the CD 1890 but no success

The scanned church records (www.genline.se) for Skön stops at 1893.
Best regards,

12-06-07, 09:30

Anna and Emil Jacobson are arriving to Boston on the 20 of August 1903. Their last residence was Skön Sweden and they are coming from Liverpool with the ship Saxonia. They are going to Annas son in law G A Ekman in Oakland California.

MVH Kerstin