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Karen K
12-06-07, 23:46
Hi .... I'm looking for any information connecting a Maria Nelimark to a Palo Family. I am told that she married Jaako or Jacob Palo. There is also some association with a Tallbacka family. The family lived in Evijarvi and Probably Alajarvi and Kortesjarvi at different times. Please see my post on the exchange forum for more information. Thank you for any help you may have.


June Pelo
13-06-07, 21:17

It would help if you could post names and dates of these families. I don't know what the exchange forum is, and maybe no one else knows, either.


Karen K
15-06-07, 18:53
Hi, Will try to give a little information on the Nelimarks. IDO have some dates etc. but don't know if my info is correct as I have found no real documentation to tie the families together. I have talked to both the Nelimark side and the Palo side and everyone seems to agree there is a relationship but aren't sure of exactly what it is.

From church records I have the following.... Johan Thomaksenp. Nelimarkka Was born Apr. 15, 1766 in Evijarvi. Died May 7, 1834.
He married Maria Gustafintr Born Mar. 14, 1775. Died Jan. 15, 1845
They had Maria...Born Aug. 15, 1809. Married ...aNTTISAAREEN [?] in 1828
Susanna...Born Sept. 12, 1819
Juha... Born Feb. 2,1817.... Died May 5, 1877..... Married 1. Sara, Johanneksentr Nelimarkka in 1834. She was born 1814...Died Oct. 27, 1855
Married 2. Kaisa Jaakontr...Born Dec. 4, 1815 in Evijarvi. Died July 17, 1892.

Sara's children were ...Maria ..Born Apr.7,1839. Married June 5,1859 to Anders Erkink Lund born Nov. 6, 1834 and died Feb. 27, 1867
Maria married 2nd..on Feb. 7,1869 to Abraham Tallbacka born May 23, 1843
Lena...Born Sept. 23,1842..Died Nov. 13, 1911. She marriedJohan Gustaf Tallbacka eli..Neimi on Apr. 2,1861. He was born July 3, 1840 and died Sept.23, 1914.
Johanna...Born Apr. 25,1846 and Died Nov. 9, 1847
Son of Juha and Kaisa was Juha Erkki born May 10, 1861. He immigrated to the U.S. and lived in Mn.

I am told that Juha Erkki was my Grandmother's UNCLE. Her father was Jaako or Jakob Palo. Her mother's name is supposed to be Maria.. half sister to Juha Erkki.. but .... My grandmothers name was Johanna Palo [Palo Kangas] born Nov. 12, 1873 in Finland Married Isak Kanniainen in Us. She had a brother Alexander who was born Sept. 17, 1867 in Kortesjarvi. Alex and another sister Emma also immigrated to the U.S.
I have as you can see names and dates but haven't been able to connect them. Any Help you can give or suggestions you may have would be appreciated. Thank you....KAREN