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20-06-07, 13:08
Is anyone researching or can anyone find info on Isaac Fraki born in Finland in 1854 and Lived in NYM Minnesota. His wife was Ida
Thank You for any help

23-07-07, 19:17
A friend got Isaac Naturalization application from Minn. He came throught Detroit in August of 1873. It says he was born in Sweden in the 1860s. One US census says he was born 1863 another says 1854. Also says he was Finnish born in Sweden.He was Married to Ida Ritola and they lived in Ottertail County Minnesota.
Children were Nestor,Helma,Lida,Richard,Esther,Tekla,Mary,Lely
I still havent found who Isaac parents were.
Also are there any records of passengers coming through detroit in 1873

25-07-07, 01:14
Hi Robin,
I found this on the Institute of Migration site in the Reference section. This appears to be the Isaac Frški you are researching. His place of birth is Karunki. I checked the Hiski records, but they stop at 1850. There are many Frški names listed in Alatornio, which is where I suspect Isaac is from. You can write to the parish for information on his family, or perhaps someone here can help you with that, and maybe give you further details from the book the reference is from.
I'll see if I can find any records online for passengers coming through Detroit.

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Last name: Frški
First name: Isak
Other name: *
Date of birth: 17.12.1854
Place of birth: Karunki
State of birth: OU
Country of birth: SF
Date of death: . .9999
Place of death: *
State of death: *
Country of death: USA

Remarks: LS: > N > 1873 Kuparisaari, USA. KS: > 1879 New York Mills, MN, USA. Pso: Kustaava Ritola, vih. 1883.

25-07-07, 18:32
Thank You Very much for finding that. I tried to contact the Alatornio Parish a long time ago when I was working on another Fraki Branch. Never got an answer.

25-07-07, 18:38
I was searching the web and found this old forgotten post from Alica Marshall
on the Finnish site

Name age lives date destination
Isak FrÝki 18 VadsÝ 06.26.1873 Hancock Tasso Laber
Vadso Norway
(migration between 1867- 1925 via Trondheim )
Are these records on line or anyone have access to them. Can a person see the record would it list anything else like parents names

26-07-07, 04:47
Hi Robin,
I checked http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/ but when I got to joulu (December) 1854, the record continues on the left side of the page, but I cannot read it. There may be an Isaac there listed on the 1st day of 1855. Maybe someone familiar with reading the records could look at the page. It appears to say Isaac, and the parents are Peter? Lomakka? and ? Niskala?

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28-07-07, 17:42
Here is the translation that Matti did on Finngen list for us. so I this Isaac last name Fraki or Frimodig. I dont understand. If you follow Anna through Hiski records she had a few more Illegitamte children. would they be Fraki also.wish I knew how to read this stuff

30.12.1854 1.1.1855 Zv: Anna Stina Frimodig 37 Isaac (oš:)

Although I believe the Zv should be Qv.

Qvinna Anna Stina Frimodig oškta son Isaac
Pehr Lomakka med Hu Anna? Niskala med piga Maria Brita Risto, Johan Abrams.
Niskala och piga Eva Brita Keskitalo
Af August Kranck

Woman Anna Stina Frimodig's illegitimate son Isaac.
Pehr Lomakka with wife Anna? Niskala, with maid/unmarried woman Maria Brita
Risto, Johan Abrahamsson Niskala and maid/unmarried woman Eva Brita
(baptized) by August Kranck

30-07-07, 00:03
I belive Karen found Isaac a few messages back but I wasent seeing him thought forest of Isaac's and Fraki's I think he fits right in the family with the other New York mills Fraki's
This was found by Solveig

Isaak born Dec 2nd and chr. Dec 6th 1854 in the village Kakkula, Karl Gustav parish, Norrbotten.

Bonden =the farmer Isaak Isaaksson Frški and Brita Cajsa Henriksdotter, 39y
The date is the 2 not the 17th but its in dec. I still belive its him
1982.24.33500, [Norrbotten] Karl Gustav, C.2, FŲdde,Dop, 1825 - 1861, 0-0, Bild 135 av 181
This was found by Karen It matches the church book jpeg that Solveig found
GID:1982.13.84700 Isaac born Apr 19,1815 to Isaac Henricsson Frški and Brita Cajsa Ersdotter in Kukkola.
GID: 1982.5.26600 Frški, Kukkola, K G
Isak ?Henricsson 1769
Brita Cajsa Ersdotter 1779, married 1800, widowed 1841
Isak Isaksson 1815
Maria Ersdotter 1814, married 1838, died 1844
Johan Petter 1837 14/4, died Jan 1839
Eric 1839 5/4
Brita Caisa Henrksdotter 1815, married Isak Isaksson in 1845 22/12 after Maria died
Eva Greta 1845 13/12 found in another roll as Eva Margareta
Maria Catharina 1846 17/11 or 27/11
Isak 1848 3/3, notation died *
Eric Isaksson 1818 13/1
Eva ? 1825 13/3
Isak 1848 23/5
*next household roll has two more children for Isak and Brita Caisa
Josephina 1849 20/6
Isak 1854 2/12
Denise this is the one you found that I didnt know who to put it with
Maria Caisa Frški Carl Gustav 27.11.1846 Isak Isaksson Fraki Brita Caisa Henriksdatter
In my files I had Isaak Fraki 1815 with son Erik Fraki born 1839 but no wife.So when I put all these pieces in the right place Isaac is Erik's brother.An Uncle to Johan "Peter" Fraki of Otter tail and cousin Johan"John" Erik Fraki of Ottertail