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June Pelo
28-06-07, 20:08
I haven't been able to find Lovilla in Alahärmä, with or without umlauts. Does anyone have a clue as to where this name was found. And certainly a man who was a master stone mason would have been well-known:

"My father’s family is from Ala Harma. The original family name is Lovilla. My great grandfather was Gabriel Lovilla and was well known in western Finland as a master stone mason and church building contractor. Somehow my grandfather changed his family name to Löf. When he came to America a passport official at Turkku wrote the name down on the passport as Lov. Among the first things my grandfather did upon arriving here was to legally change his name back to Löf but this time the officials again misspelled it to remove the dots above the “o” because in this country the alphabet doesn’t include dotted letters. My grandmother and my father came to the U.S. three years later. When my father reached legal adulthood, he changed the name again to the present day “Loff” because people here had difficulty pronouncing the anglicized Lof."

Would appreciate any suggestions.


Jaska Sarell
28-06-07, 20:35
Hi June,

Lovilla sounds rather strange :confused:

May these Alahärmä HisKi details belong to that Löf family?

30.5.1884 Renki,nuorimies Kaappo Kaaponpoika Löf | Piika Susanna Kajsa Kaarlontytär Niemi Hakola

30.1.1885 6.2.1885 Hakola Perämäki Renki Kaappo Kaaponp. Lööv V:o Sanna Kaisa Kaarlent. 28 Jeremias
alkup - ALKUPKOMM: f.99
*11.8.1886 12.8.1886 Hakola Perämäki Ittel. Kaapo Kaaponp. Löf V:o Sanna Kaisa Kaarlent. 30 Manta
alkup - ALKUPKOMM: f.139
alkup - ALKUPKOMM: kaks.
*11.8.1886 12.8.1886 Hakola Perämäki Ittel. Kaapo Kaaponp. Löf V:o Sanna Kaisa Kaarlent. 30 Sanna Kaisa
alkup - ALKUPKOMM: kaks.
*14.7.1888 15.7.1888 Hakola Perämäki Itt. Kaapo Löf V:o Sanna 32 Juha Kustaa
alkup - ALKUPKOMM: f.139
*13.6.1890 15.6.1890 Itt. Kaappo Kaaponp Löövi V:o Sanna Karlent. 34 Ida Maria
alkup - ALKUPKOMM: f.139
*16.1.1894 21.1.1894 Hakola Kivihuhta Itt. Kaappo Kaaponp Löf V:o Sanna Kaarlent. 39 Aliina
alkup - ALKUPKOMM: f.139

:eek: Seems that abbreviation for Wife [Vaimo (v : o)] gives V and smiley :o

:) Jaska
on short visit to the city

28-06-07, 20:56
Hej June
Maybe Lovilla is misspelled and would be Levälä instead Lovilla.Levälä have sometimes was spelled as Lävälä too.
BR Bert

28-06-07, 21:00
Hello again
Löf or Löv is a common name close to Levälä too in Ytterjeppo .I´m self born on Löv in Ytterjeppo.

June Pelo
28-06-07, 21:34
Thanks, Jaska and Bert. I also wondered if the name could be mis-spelled. I'll pass your comments along and hope they will be of some help.


28-06-07, 22:15
Suppose the farm name was Löv. If someone asked him (in Finnish) where he was born, he would replied "On Löv" which is "Lövillä" in Finnish. When the dots were removed, the word Lovilla is remaining.

Could this be the explanation to the strange name?

But I think that Bert could be right too.


28-06-07, 22:21
Good explanation ,Christian.Would be very close too.

Karen Douglas
29-06-07, 00:56
I have a childhood friend whose last name was "Lovaas." Could this be a variation of the name?


June Pelo
29-06-07, 01:06
Karen, Bert and Christian - all good suggestions which I'll pass along. I looked on google and saw there was a Lovilla, Iowa. Also saw Löövi, which could be another possibility. I think Marvin will have to do more digging to come up with more info. about this family. Thanks.

29-06-07, 02:09
Hi June,
I checked on the Migration Institute and here is what I found for "dweller's names" under the Farm Name section. This may provide various spellings of the name Lövillä.

Denise :)

Dweller's name/ Parish name/ Village name / Farm name/Status Time period

Lövilä Laukaa Leppävesi Heikkilä No 23 1851-1861
Levelä Jalasjärvi Koskue Sillanpää No 2 1859-1866
Lavila Karvia Karvia Patoranta No 2 1867-1878
Lovela Padasjoki Nyystölä Lossari, pg 298 1866-1875
Levälä Kuusamo Heikkilä Kanal No 53 1857-1866
Lievala Jyväskylä Rural Korttajärvi Hytölä No 9 1869-1880
Lovela Padasjoki Nyystölä Eskola, pg 280 1866-1875

June Pelo
29-06-07, 18:02
Thanks, Denise. I've been getting some interesting comments and will pass them all on, hoping they'll be helpful.