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01-07-07, 13:46
Hi, I have been researching the Pakkala family for quite a few years now. My husband's grandfather was Matt Pakkala from Lapua parish. He had seven siblings all born in Lapua. The one that I am researching at the moment is Jalmar, the youngest, born 14 October 1887. According to the parish register his wife was Olga Katariina Luomanen, born 22 October 1891. They married 7 June 1911 and on 25 October 1912 they moved to Kauhava. Just recently I received two pictures of Jalmar and an Esteri. The second picture had a very young child in the picture, named Ulla. The date on one of the pictures is 1946. I would like to find out what happened to Olga and how Esteri and Ulla fit into the picture. Jalmar's older brother Kustaa Nikulai had a daughter Esteri Emilia born 2 March 1923 in Lapua. Her husband was Mattias Haapala born 17 April 1920 and they married 23 July 1944. She was still living in 2001. Does anyone have information on any of these people or know if Esteri or Ulla is still alive? I would like to contact a living relative of this family. Thanks for your patience.
Nancy Pakkala