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Carol Hanes
07-09-07, 13:30
Hello. I am looking for a copy of a book written by my grandfather, John J. Schublom. He wrote and self published the book in the early 1900's. The title is: Det godas seger : en framställning om lifvets utveckling och mål. by John J. Sjöblom (Schublom). He mentioned the book in a short autobiography he wrote which is part of the Anders Myhrman collection. He said he printed
100's of copies but didn't sell many. I am hoping of "the 100's" there may be one out there that I could purchase or arrange to have photocopied? Thank you to anyone who can help.

Carol Hanes
16-09-07, 13:40
Thank you to anyone who had a look at my post. I am happy to report that I have located a copy of the book. One is held by the National Library of Sweden and they are willing to make a photocopy for me. I have asked if the library acquistions has any history on how the book happened to become a part of their collection and await their reply. I would still, very much like to have an actual copy if anyone comes across one.

16-09-07, 14:12

I will ask a person who is very engaged in the history of Purmo if he knows anything about this book.


Carol Hanes
19-09-07, 12:54
Thank you, Christian for your help.

This is what John Schublom wrote regarding his book publishing experience:

Boken utgjorde en avhandling om “livets utveckling och mål” samt livsföreteelser grundade till stor del på teosofiska synpunkter och lärosatser,
dem jag kommit i beröring med redan under min uppväxttid, jämte tillsatser ur egen fatabur.

Folkskoleföreståndaren Joh. Klockars gave följande utlåtande
sedan han läst den lilla skriften:
“boken har en god anda, men är kanske något för filosofiskt skriven
för att vinna den spridning den eljest väl förtjänade.”

Hans förmodan besannades också, ty jag kunde endast få några få exemplar sålda av de 3,000 jag låtit trycka.

Jag hade bort taga varning av en förlåggares omdöme i Worcester, Mass.,
till vilken jag sänt manuskriptet i första hand.

Han ville icke riskera bokens utgivande,
utan skrev till mig att den knappast var värd trycksvärtan.

“Ämnet Ni valt är gott,” skrev han, “men Ni har tagit på Er en lärd min,
ehuru det (att Ni är lärd) knappast framgår av skrivsättet.”

Jag struntade dock i hans omdöme och lät trycka den själv.

Boken recenserades fördelaktigt i den svenska pressen
här i landet och jag kände mig nöjd. –

“En bok som borde finnas i varje hem”, var det utlåtande som en tidningsman gav.

Nära ett dussin andra tyckte också, att boken var bra.

Jag ägde dock inga medel att betala stora reklampris för annonser.

Mitt företag som författare blev därför ett fiasko.

I do not speak or read Swedish but have worked with an on-line translation tool to get the gist of his comments. (Please excuse if I have misspelled any Swedish words as I have transcribed this from a photocopy). I have concluded that although he was met with unsatisfactory response from publishers in the USA he still hoped to distribute the book in the USA, Finland and Sweden.

The library in Sweden has informed me that the book is only 20 pages long. It's a wonder to me that one exists at all and I am curious as to why such a small book, now over 100 years old has been kept there.

Gita Wiklund
25-09-07, 22:10
"KB collects all printed material published in Sweden."

" These publications are not intended for home loans and can only be read on KB's premises. If you for example wish to borrow books such as novels or instructional textbooks written or published in Sweden, we suggest you get in touch with your nearest public library."

My ggf did also write a novel published in 1914 that´s kept there. I really would like a published copy of it but, although my ggf was not a recognized novelist, the few copies I have located belongs to collectors that aren´t willing to sell, because the book is one criminal novel in a series of separate novels by different authors published by the same publisher.


Carol Hanes
26-09-07, 12:23
Thank you for your interest. KB was very helpful and for a reasonable fee offered to photo-copy or photograph the book. I chose photocopies.They replied promptly and sent the book straight away. It is such a thrill to have at least a photocopy, to see his name on the cover. I am going to seek the help of a friend to read it to me and roughly translate it so I can understand his thoughts.

Carol Hanes
27-11-10, 05:01
I did at last obtain a copy of my grandfather's little book: "Det Godas Seger". I nearly missed it however! I was called upon to assist in disposing of my Uncle's belongings - he passed away last year. He was the last member of his family and had, from a family history perspective - all the treasures. In amongst stacks of old magazines and so forth was a manilla envelope. Written in pencil and hardly visible was the book title and inside were four copies. Now - to have it translated!